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  • A Wind of Change Stirring the Chronicles Foretold

    Winter is the month of celebration in this country of scorching summers. And the Dhaka urbanites do get spoilt for choice when

  • Counter-structural manifesto

    Art and text by Abir Shome AKA-R Mutt, 2016

  • Articulating Life as It Unfolds

    One of the pioneers of modern art in undivided Bengal, "Shilpacharya" Zainul Abedin (1914-1976) represents the mid-century "realist" trajectory that began to unfold in many modes and sequences—first in Calcutta...

  • Iconoclastic figurality in Shahabuddin Ahmed

    Alpha male striving to take on the future by breaking free of the bounds of the existential matrix—this is how a Shahabuddin addict might try and unhinge oneself from the "rote understanding" of his scampering, hurtling males for which he has made a name, at home and abroad.

  • Have we lost something?

    22nd National Art Exhibition under scrutiny

  • The enduring charm of 'potchitro'

    For nine generations the Acharya family has depicted rural Bengal in their scroll paintings in a dream-like setting, where life was simpler but in no way easy.


    Bangladeshi modern sculptor, Novera Ahmed, was a woman far ahead of her times.

  • Uronto, flying away in search of art

    The July sun sparkled and reflected from the rows of tin-shed roofs that the almost hundred year old PK Sen building looked out upon. The little known, Prashanna Kumar Sen building was cracking at its seams; the pale yellow and green painted walls were peeling and gave the walls a snakeskin texture.

  • Charcoal's Visual Retreat

    We all know that engineering and architecture students pull all-nighters very often, struggling under a regular wave of stress of their assignments, quizzes and submissions.

  • The Milkshake Collective

    The Milkshake Collective is a group of 22 local artists, specialising art forms starting from pop to modern and graphic. Each

  • Prudential Eye Awards 2016

    The third edition of the Prudential Eye Awards 2016 was held in Singapore last month as part of Singapore Art Week. With an eye to

  • An Alluvial Soul

    Besides presenting Bangladesh's history and archaeological heritages throughout the year, this month Bangladesh National Museum has set to tell the nation's story in a different way.

  • Art that speaks to the times

    The Venice Biennale is widely accepted as “the art world's greatest show”. I had the privilege to attend the opening week, with the theme Enwezor chose for its central exhibition, “All the world's futures”, reflecting his own preoccupation with “the state of things” - in a world where war and destruction has not only not spared art, but our cultural heritage is under attack in a very targeted sense.


    Voiceless Bangladesh (VB) is a project initiated by Naima Alam, lecturer, Media Studies and Journalism Department in ULAB (University of Liberal Arts, Bangladesh), to teach her students Public Relations in a rather unique way, working with social issues.