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Where have all the stories gone?

Where have all the stories gone?

The children's corner at the Boi mela, filled with books, is always a friendly, fun and happening area. In fact, this is the nook where you

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The Ekushey Boi mela is a little more fun on the weekends when families and children crowd the popular stalls, not to mention the series

  • Cine Brothers

    The director is a pivotal figure in the making of a feature film. The singular focus ensures the homogeneity of the plot and of the story of the film. The redoubtable Dilip Kumar in his twilight years used to dabble in the work of his director. The Hindi version of Sagina Mahato is mentioned as a reference.

  • The Forgotten History of Dhaka Gate

    Once upon a time, it used to mark the terminus of the largest city of undivided Bengal; currently it lies uncared for, surrounded by

  • Relief

    There are moments when one needs to escape from the clutches of this concrete city and find themselves admiring nature- the sky,

  • Apu: The Epitome of Innocence

    What makes certain characters of Bengali literature so memorable? Tagore's Amit, Saratchandra's Devdas and Srikanto, Sukumar's



  • About Town

    About Town

  • Star Diary

    Every February, I do not let go of the opportunity to revive my love for reading by visiting the Boi Mela. I let my children accompany

  • 12 Numbers

    Is the number of people who were killed and thirty others injured after a bus collided with a microbus in Belabo upazila of Narsingdi, last




    A new Zika vaccine candidate has the potential to protect against the virus with a single dose, according to a research team led by


    What an amazing experience it was to read the article titled 'A Life Changing Journey' in the Star Weekend issue of February 10, 2017. I

  • 'Professor Jhomlu Strikes Back!'

    To many readers 'Professor Jhomlu' is not an alien, neither are his strange inventions and even stranger adventurous expeditions. In fact, the writer claims to learn about all this from emails written and sent to him by the Professor himself.

  • The True Treasure Trove

    Bangladesh Bank (BB) had a small currency museum in its Motijheel office, which was initially not for public viewing. To launch it to the public, an initiative was taken by Dr Atiur Rahman, the then Governor of Bangladesh Bank, where he allotted the 2nd floor of Bangladesh Bank Training Academy in Mirpur to use as the currency museum. Along with the BB authority, eminent artist Hashem Khan, historian Muntassir Mamoon and architect Robin Hossain jointly worked on the project. Finally, the expanded museum was inaugurated by Speaker of the National Parliament Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury on October 5, 2013. Currently, the museum has a collection of 9000 local and foreign currencies, but displays only 2000.

  • Boimela Picks: 'A History in the Making... Matures with A BIG BANG!'

    'Quazi Awar Hossain' and 'Sheba Prokashoni' - needs no introduction. Neither does 'Hasan Khurshid Rumi- this 'Puppet Master' is responsible for creating writers and translators – probably even he doesn't know how many. Being the Editor of countless translated Books of all classic- thrillers, horrors, shorts, novels, non-fictions, etc.; and of course, quoting one of Humayun Ahmed's book dedication to Mr. Rumi - “The Man Holding the Flag of Bangladesh's Science-fiction Scene”.

  • 'A Book – Best Described with Silence!'

    This is one of those books which right after you finish reading, all you want to do is -- NOTHING! Maybe just sit at the corner of a dark balcony, with no-one around you to talk to, nothing in front to look at, or anything in your mind to think about – just utter silence is what you need.

  • From Barter to Banknotes, All in One

    You may have heard that eight maund (around 295 kg) of processed rice could be bought with one taka coin in the reign of Shaista Khan (popularly known as Shaista Khan-er Aamol).

  • Boimela Picks: 'A Novel with Real Rockstars Instead of Superheroes!'

    The writer calls it a 'novel', which to an extent it is, but it walks straight on a tight rope between fiction and non-fiction. Like the name suggests, it is the journey of Bengali Rock Music but seen through the eyes of a young boy who is a crazy fan of the world rock music.

  • Running away does not bring freedom

    Fida, Riaz, and Shoumen decide to run away and never come back! The reason behind this -- their midterm results. They are students of Physics at Dhaka University as was the writer of this book.

  • A Life Changing Journey

    During the fall of 2009, a young 20-year-old participated in a winter cloth distribution campaign in his hometown Saidpur and was left baffled.

  • Boimela Picks: 'A Love Story Well-Fitted in a Moneybag!'

    The 'hero' of the novel Majnu, unlike his very backward name is pretty forward as a character. His life story, may not be the same but just as diverse and struggling as the writer himself.

  • Do Doctors Need Handwriting Classes Now?

    Do you remember the times you got a prescription that looked like bad artwork? That is a doctor's handwriting. But why is it so bad? And do they need handwriting classes?


    Is the number of people who were killed and many injured as a truck helper, filling in for the trucker, lost control over the wheel and ploughed through a crowd in Alutila of Khagrachhari last Friday.

  • Social Cohesion During Disasters

    “No matter how little they helped, whatever we get in such disasters appears to be a big support for us,” said Fatema.


    In a country where talent, passion and greatness are often overlooked and ignored, Director Badrul Anam Saud says that, “It was Humayun Faridee's greatest misfortune that he was born in Bangladesh. It was Bangladesh's greatest fortune that Humayun Faridee was born on this land.”

  • Exploring Young Hearts and Minds

    Billie JD Porter, a young British documentary filmmaker and journalist, presented a talk and film screening at the Public Library in Dhaka and at the Rangpur Shilpakala Academy for the young audiences of the 10th International Children's Film Festival Bangladesh 2017.

  • Akhteruzzaman Elias

    Born in Gaibandha District, Akhteruzzaman Elias was a Bangladeshi novelist and short story writer. He did not write many novels yet he is arguably the most radical novelist of Bangladesh is recognised as one of the most critically acclaimed Bengali novelists.

  • Heavy school bags on delicate shoulders

    As the winter vacation comes to an end and it's time for children to head back to school, my 7-year-old son dreads going back to school.

  • A Strong Bond

    While people complain of not having good neighbours, I have been very lucky in this business. My next door neighbour to the left is a family of four.


    “But he who dares not grasp the thorn should never crave the rose.” – Anne Brontë, Author


    I felt so proud to know that Bangladesh organises Asia's first and the largest photography festival every year.