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Thinking outside the (white) box

Thinking outside the (white) box

Pristine, paper white walls. Monorail lightings fixed on the ceiling. And reverent silence.

A spoonful of Chromium, with love
Star Weekend

A spoonful of Chromium, with love

What is in the eggs you eat? On April 9, the Supreme Court looked for the answer to this question and did not like what they found.

  • About Town

    May Day 2017


    “What allows us, as human beings, to psychologically survive life on earth, with all of its pain, drama, and challenges, is a sense of purpose and meaning.” — Barbara De Angelis, American author


    Hatirjheel project has been a very popular recreational place for Dhakaites. There are very few places in Dhaka city where people can

  • Living with the ghost of Rana Plaza

    People tell her she is lucky to be alive, to have escaped the “clutches of death”. They tell her to “count her blessings” for making it out of the rubble that was once Rana Plaza, with her limbs intact. They remind her of all those who didn't share her fate.

  • In the battle between rights and aid

    April 24 – the day when thousands of lives and dreams were lost forever – is once again knocking at our doors.

  • Rana Plaza: Are we sugarcoating murder?

    It is difficult to decide whether the murder case filed against 41 people for the Rana Plaza disaster can be measured as progress or not.

  • What After Rana Plaza?

    Four years ago, over a thousand workers lost their lives and 2500 were injured in the collapse of the Rana Plaza building.

  • Thinking beyond Accord and Alliance

    Workplace safety and security in Bangladeshi garment factories attracted widespread international scrutiny after the Tazreen fashion...

  • Organising Labour under the Neoliberal Gaze

    What are the prospects and limits of conventional modes of organising labour in the garment industry, given the current labour rights regime in

  • How much is a worker's life worth?

    Asma Akhter, a 25-year-old Rana Plaza survivor, still struggles to drag her heavy prosthetic legs.

  • Setting our priorities straight

    The Rana Plaza collapse wasn't just the worst mass fatality disaster in the history of the garment industry; it was the worst mass fatality disaster in the history of all manufacturing.

  • Out of the ashes of Rana Plaza

    There is an age-old proverb, “Out of sight out of mind”. This, I fear, is what is happening to the 1,134 workers who died in Rana Plaza, and the thousands who have been injured and are barely surviving.

  • The struggle continues

    I have known the site of Rana Plaza in Savar for almost four decades now. I have to cross Savar to and from the Jahangirnagar campus


    Rana Plaza. The murder scene of 1,129 Bangladeshi workers, and burial ground of numerous “missing”. A national shame, an international spectacle.


    Major industrial accidents in Bangladesh in recent years.


    When I read the article titled “Is this Our City?” I was really shocked because even I never thought about how a person with disability...

  • Folkloric Bangladesh

    Bangla folk literature has always celebrated a rich tapestry of themes, from heroic religious narratives depicted in ballads and dramas, to the mundane struggles of life reflected in witty proverbs and riddles. These folk tales, many of which have been passed down through generations orally, reflect the diversity of our different ethnic, linguistic and religious groups. This Pahela Baishakh, we invite you on a journey that takes us back to our roots.

  • Jatra

    Thus thunders the hero, his voice reaching far and wide, capturing the full attention of his audience. The language of jatra...

  • What could have been a landmark case

    This could have been a landmark case. This could have - once and for all - proved that sexual harassment on the street is something that needs to be dealt with the force of law.


    It is the first day of the Bengali New Year and our national identity seems to be in a state of predicament.

  • Artwork for Sale, Not the Shobhajatra

    At a time when it's all but impossible to organise large-scale events without corporate sponsorship, the Faculty of Fine Arts (FFA), popularly known as the Charukola

  • Is this our city?

    In this city of 14.5 million people, at least 9.07 percent of its inhabitants have some form of physical disability, according to Household Income Expenditure Survey 2011 of Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics.

  • There will come soft rains

    It begins with a listless thought, brushed aside. What does a heartbeat sound like, you wonder. Brush, aside.

  • Kafka in the age of the internet

    “I see, these books are probably law books, and it is an essential part of the justice dispensed here that you should be condemned not only in innocence but also in ignorance.”

  • Sramik Awaaz: The unheard four million

    Chaumtoli Huq explores the reality of the workers' rights movement in the garments industry of Bangladesh in her 2017 documentary Sramik Awaaz or Worker Voices.

  • Charak

    Charak Puja is a festival celebrated in the southern belt of Bangladesh, where devotees undergo acts of flagellation in order to appease Lord Shiva and his wife Shakti.


    Mashrafe Bin Mortaza is not only a cricket player but also a hero, a fighter and an ideal leader.




    Nazia pauses for a moment and continues, “I don't remember what triggered depression in me.”

  • I, Migrant

    One London night, a few weeks after Brexit, something happened as I was walking to a bus stop that had never happened in the 9...