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‘Genocide' was the title of the centrefold single story of the Sunday Times on June 13, 1971. It was Anthony Mascarenhas' 5000-word...



1971, for families torn apart or displaced by the war, was a time of profound uncertainty, of not knowing where or how their loved ones were, of waiting for news – any news – good or bad.


    The only noise now was the rain, pattering softly with the magnificent indifference of nature for the tangled passions of humans.

  • Should the government's request to Facebook worry you?

    Last week, I somehow found myself at a market where the Rapid Action Battalion and Bangladesh Telecom Regulatory Commission (BTRC) were busting shops for selling walkie-talkies.

  • The uphill battle of rape victims and survivors

    Sohagi Jahan Tonu, a student from Comilla's Victoria College, was raped and her dead body was dumped in the bushes on March 20, 2016. The incident happened inside the cantonment area where she lived with her family. Her father discovered her dead body.

  • Who Defines Obscenity?

    Recently, the news of a Dhaka University (DU) teacher's suspension – following claims from some of his Masters students that he showed ...

  • A Celebration of life

    The people of Chunarughat observed something unique on the morning of March 10. Hundreds of activists, musicians and artists...


    There was a time when animal rights activists like Rubaiya Ahmad, Founder, Obhoyaronno Animal Welfare Foundation, would go to file cases or fight against animal abusers, but in vain.


    A TV commercial by a prominent telecom company was brought to my attention through a Facebook post by a journalist.

  • Over the boundaries

    Remember the former British wheelchair racer Tanni Grey-Thompson, who received 16 medals in her Paralympics career, along with 13 world championship medals?

  • Zahid Hasan

    In 1929, German mathematician and theoretical physicist Hermann Weyl predicted the existence of a massless quasiparticle that kept physicists puzzled for 86 years.

  • Through the submerged world of Barisal

    I like to think that poet Jibanananda Das derived inspiration for his seminal poem Banalata Sen during his times in Barisal.

  • Why should the Vault 7 leaks bother you?

    Year Zero, the first part of the Vault 7 dump, introduces the scope and direction of the CIA's global covert hacking programme, its malware arsenal and dozens of 'zero day' weaponised exploits against a wide range of US and European company products.

  • About Town

    IHF Charity Gala Night 2017

  • Zombie apocalypse and how to obtain a driving license in Bangladesh

    There are two ways to get a driving license in Bangladesh. One involves roughly seven steps for most people.

  • How data is revolutionising football

    Data and sport have never been the most natural of bedfellows. The battle lines have been very clearly drawn by traditional culture –


    “Let me, O let me bathe my soul in colours; let me swallow the sunset and drink the rainbow.”


    During my time at university, one of my friends, from an indigenous community, and I used to share a dorm room.

  • The Invisible Population

    Senwara Begum sits at the door of her small hut with her nine-month-old baby at her breast. She has three other children, but there is nothing in the house to feed them.

  • Keep only the good cops, please

    The recent transfer of a police official to the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) on February 23 shocked the people of CHT, and those on the plain lands who are aware of the sensitive situation in the region.

  • After The Accident

    48-year-old service holder Oshim Kumar Saha had a terrible motorbike accident in 2015; at a 'black spot' near Iliasganj Bazaar of Daudkandi in Dhaka-Chittagong highway (a black spot is a place that has a record of large numbers of crashes).

  • And Still The Man Stays Unscathed

    All in a week's work. March has barely started. We already have five men (at least) raping, assaulting and killing the women they thought were below them.

  • American Muslims Must Stop Apologising

    I had recently been asked to give a talk about “being an American Muslim in the United States.” Although wary of the uses and abuses of the term, I obliged.

  • Who Rules Our Roads?

    2000, 1958, 1535, 1396 – these are the numbers of people killed in the lawless roads and highways of Bangladesh over the last four years.

  • Ministry of Civil Movements: Think Like Us, Think for Us

    Bangladesh took remarkable strides towards a fully fair and functioning democracy by officially inaugurating the brand new Ministry of Civil Movements.

  • Bangladesh Inhuman Rights Commission concerned about poor US human rights condition

    Just a week after the US Department of State in its human rights report for 2016 expressed concerns about Bangladesh’s human rights condition, Bangladesh Inhuman Rights Commission expressed concerns about the deplorable human rights condition in the US.

  • The land of tales and tigers

    I visited the Sundarbans about four years ago, with a touring company. We lived on the boat, anchored at safe places during the night...

  • Charulata - The Art of Adaptation

    In 1901, after coming back to Shantiniketan from the tiring experience of running a zamindari in Shilaidaha, Rabindranath Tagore wrote the short story Nashtanirh (The Broken Nest), a love triangle set in 19th century Bengal.

  • Hotel with the worst view in the world

    Banksy is in the news again - this time because of the Walled Off Hotel that he designed and financed in the city of West Bank, in Bethlehem.

  • If Bangladeshis were a spacefaring nation

    As far as improbable ideas go, the thought of humans being a spacefaring race with the possibility of colonisation of other planets...

  • About Town

    First Puppet Show of DP Theatre in History of Bangladesh


    The beautiful and blue Rangamati Kaptai Lake, with blooming flowers on its banks and the green mountains on each side, imbues in one a sense of peace.