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Corrupting a Generation
Cover Story

Corrupting a Generation

The leaking of question papers before public exams has become a regular phenomenon in Bangladesh.

Corrupting a Generation
Cover Story

Corrupting a Generation

The leaking of question papers before public exams has become a regular phenomenon in Bangladesh.

  • Menacing Our Society

    Md Al Amin, an examinee of the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) 2017 was baffled by an unusual offer from one of his friends.

  • On Jazz and Blues

    If music be the food of love, play on. And if it be jazz, let it play the whole night!

  • How ‘Talash’ Has Brought Bangladesh and South Korea a Step Closer

    When a research professor at the Kim-Dae-Jung Presidential Library and Museum of Yonsei University in South-Korea, Professor Seung- Hee

  • Illuminating Origin of Organics

    NASA's Dawn spacecraft recently detected organic-rich areas on Ceres. Scientists evaluated the geology of the regions to conclude that the organics are most likely native to the dwarf planet.

  • Printable Solar Cells Just Got a Little Closer

    A U of T Engineering innovation could make printing solar cells as easy and inexpensive as printing a newspaper.



  • Banalata Sen - An Eternal Love Story

    Over the years, Bengal has produced a great number of poets. Their verses have touched thousands of people across the world...

  • Bangladesh Betar - The Story of Glory

    These days, when information technology and the internet are not far from our grasp, on hearing the name “Bangladesh Betar (Betar meaning radio in Bangla)”, one might ask, “Who would listen to Bangladesh Betar today?”

  • Beautiful Bangladesh

    Our land is one of colours, rivers, vast lands and warm people. Whether it is the concrete jungle that is Dhaka city, or the softer sides of


    A couple of pictures of banners surfaced on social media last week where misguided information was provided regarding February 21, International Mother Language Day.

  • About Town


  • 5 Ways to Make Your Child Love Bangla More

    The Language Movement Shaheeds Mohammad Salauddin, Abdul Jabbar, Abul Barkat, Rafiquddin Ahmed and Abdus Salam had given up their lives to protect the Bangla language from getting lost from the pages of history.

  • Where have all the stories gone?

    The children's corner at the Boi mela, filled with books, is always a friendly, fun and happening area. In fact, this is the nook where you

  • Boimela Picks: ‘You Can be Guddubura Too!’

    Anisul Hoque is definitely the most popular writer of his time, especially if you consider the variety of his writing and number of formats in Bengali Literature he has touched and excelled in. Usually, when one talks about Hoque's work, his novel-fictions and his columns take the lead.


    The Ekushey Boi mela is a little more fun on the weekends when families and children crowd the popular stalls, not to mention the series

  • Boimela Picks: ‘A Surprisingly Great Read!’

    By adding 'Surprisingly' before 'Great Read', I'm NOT in anyway trying to imply that good work is not expected from this writer. In fact, there were no expectations whatsoever – at all from Wasim Subhan Choudhury!

  • Boimela Picks: ‘Size Does Matter!’

    Ok, let's see what's the right word for this... Charmed? Fascinated? Attracted? No, maybe all of them or maybe 'captivated' rounds it up well!

  • Boimela Picks: ‘A Book of Poems with Out of Ordinary Cover, Size, and Content’

    One must not judge a book by its cover. The handy – a bit smaller than the regular book size, has proven the year old proverb wrong. Besides the size, you will definitely pick up the book for its extraordinary cover design by Sabyashachi Hazra, and as you open and brush through some random pages – you'll buy and take this book home with you for sure!

  • Boimela Picks: 'An Amazing Way of Historical Story Telling - Revived'

    Samar Paul is a popular name among Bengali Readers, especially for the ones who love to read the history of this region. Among countless similar researchers and writers, according to me, only Samar Paul tells you the history in simple yet a fun way which will make a light fiction lover a fan of historical writings.

  • Five Ways to Curb Your Social Media Dependence

    Do you often find yourself fidgeting with your smart phone or tab when in fact you are supposed to be sound asleep? Or, do you get

  • Boimela Picks: ‘Crime Pays, even after 46 years!’

    Anoy, a student of class nine, starts the longest journey of his life on a winter night all by himself. Six hours in a bus to Shunamganj, long rickshaw ride to Haluaghat, and finally a boat ride to Narayantola – his uncle's place very close to India's border is the destination. His holiday trip turns to a bitter one within two hours when he almost took out his mobile phone to call his father but puts it down because everything in life is an experience – he believes. Plus, he is a brave little kid, good at both studies and sports, especially cricket and martial arts. His hobbies are listening to and singing Tagore songs and just reading detective stories. Little did he knew that he is about to become a detective himself soon.

  • Accepting Diversity

    Share-net Bangladesh, a knowledge platform, organised the first discussion of its kind that focused upon SRHR (Sexual Reproductive

  • Don't Police the Police, please

    Exasperation. That would be the word best used to describe a Gulshan man's disposition when he realised a cop was demanding 1200

  • Poetry in Frames

    In the world of visual arts, Nasir Ali Mamun needs no introduction. For more than five decades, his iconic photographs have inspired

  • Rudra Mohammad Shahidullah

    Born on 16 October, 1956, in Barisal, Bangladesh, Rudra Mohammad Shahidullah was a Bengali poet who was popular for his

  • Coding for Kids: 400 children join programming session

    It is a common perception that coding or computer programming is not for everyone and that it requires sound knowledge of

  • In Conversation with Wendy Kopp

    In 2015, Teach For Bangladesh, a partner organisation of Teach for All, a global network of organisations working towards educational

  • Cine Brothers

    The director is a pivotal figure in the making of a feature film. The singular focus ensures the homogeneity of the plot and of the story of the film. The redoubtable Dilip Kumar in his twilight years used to dabble in the work of his director. The Hindi version of Sagina Mahato is mentioned as a reference.

  • The Forgotten History of Dhaka Gate

    Once upon a time, it used to mark the terminus of the largest city of undivided Bengal; currently it lies uncared for, surrounded by

  • Relief

    There are moments when one needs to escape from the clutches of this concrete city and find themselves admiring nature- the sky,