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Ashraful appeals

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Suspended cricketer Mohammad Ashraful, Sri Lanka's Kaushal Lokuarachchi, Dhaka Gladiators owner Shihab Chowdhury and the International Cricket Council along with the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) appealed against the verdict given by the BPL's anti-corruption tribunal this year.
The chairman of the BCB's disciplinary panel, Justice Mohammad Abdur Rashid, confirmed the appeals.
“As of 4:40 pm yesterday (Monday) I received these four appeals via e-mail. I am not thinking of organising a preliminary hearing on the various issues soon,” said Justice Rashid.
Ashraful and Shihab were banned for eight and 10 years respectively while Lokuarachchi was suspended for 18 months on June 18. The ICC on the other hand felt that 'clear and compelling evidence of corruption by a number of individuals were not taken into account properly'. Six out of the nine accused by the ICC were acquitted.
The BCB's anti-corruption code, which governs these proceedings, provides for a two-stage appeal process. The first stage is an appeal to the chairman of the BCB's disciplinary panel.  The second stage, if required, is an appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Switzerland.
As per article 6A of the anti-corruption code “appeal hearings, save where all parties agree or fairness requires, need to commence no later than 40 days after the date of the reasoned decision being appealed”.  

Published: 12:00 am Wednesday, July 23, 2014

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