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Speculations aplenty

Speculations aplenty

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In Bangladesh cricket there has never been any shortage of issues to fill the air. Primarily the Tigers are the subject of all focus while they are on international duty or off it. However, with the Tigers enjoying a break after four months of non-stop international cricket, plenty of issues come to the fore to dominate the sports coverage. And now it is time to make the air full of speculations regarding the probable head coach for the national team.
The sudden departure of Shane Jurgensen from the position of the Tigers' head coach made sure that the cricketing affairs will not at all be dull at a time when a routine first-class domestic tournament is making hardly any waves.
And interestingly, whenever the issue to find out a coach for the national team arises, the word 'high-profile' becomes the most popular tune among the officials and journalists and there is no exception this time around.
One thing is for certain that no name will be missing from the lists called speculation. Pragmatism can wait in those dare dreams where the most desired names in world cricket easily labelled as wishful thinking. And that's why the names of former England coach Andy Flower and former India coach Gary Kirsten came up in the air along with many other big names.
But can we fulfil their demands—both in financial and management aspects?
For instance if someone approaches Andy's agent he will be pleasantly surprised to learn that it might cost the BCB five times more than what it had paid Richard Pybus, the highest-paid among the eight foreign coaches it has employed so far.
The demands not stop at that point. To hire Andy the board might also has to accept other realistic clauses like allowing him a free hand to choose his support staff. Besides, Andy would prefer the post of director of coaching, which the BCB can ill afford in a management structure where everyone pretends to be the boss and loves to bark at the coach after a defeat.  
However, it is not the time to put fingers on the calculator because the slogan is that the board will try its best to hire the best possible candidate for the most demanding post.
The board formed a five-member search committee which is yet to sit to set a guideline and work out a list of candidates.
But in reality the board has communicated with some candidates and those communications are still in a preliminary stage. There is a notion that the team needs a good coach with strong character, no matter how big his name is in world cricket.
It may be too early to comment on any name but a coach from subcontinent is not an unlikely proposition. No doubt more names will crop up in the days to come and the onus is on the board to strike the balance between its dream and ability.


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