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Socrates-er Jobanbondi sees 100th staging

Socrates-er Jobanbondi sees 100th staging

Saurav Dey
Photo: Darshan Chakma
Photo: Darshan Chakma

Theatre troupe Drishyapat staged their much-acclaimed production “Socrates-er Jobanbondi” on Saturday evening as part of their three-day theatre festival. The play-- based on “Apologia Sokratous” (“Defense of Socrates”) by Plato -- has been adapted by Shishirkumar Das and directed by Ali Mahmud.  The play saw its 100th staging on the day.
The story of the play goes back to 400 BC when Socrates was put on trial for an accusation of misleading the youth. It is set against the backdrop of the trial where we see the mockery of democracy as only 30 people were assigned to run the state affairs of Athens. The 30 people selected 500 people and formed a council, battering democracy, the pride of Athens.
The council sought to receive support from the intellectuals of Athens and they forced Socrates to support them. However, Socrates refused to do so and as a result was accused of misleading the citizens against the autocratic government.
In 399 BC, at the age of 70, Socrates faced trial by a 501-judge council. He was found guilty of many charges and was handed the death sentence. Without any counter-logic, he accepted the sentence and embraced death by drinking hemlock. Socrates was a strongly conscientious person, a guide to society and his death made him immortal.
Drishyapat outstandingly brought forth the tale of victory of truth over falsehood through this play. The cast of the play include Ali Mahmud, Nehal Ahmed, Piklu Bakshi, Josh Jayedi and many others who outperformed on the stage.


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