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Vivacious Sweety

Rafi Hossain

Tanvin Sweety started her career in advertising, and she maintained her place as the prime model for commercials for a long time, but that was quite a few years ago. She used to be the first choice of advertisement makers. If one thinks of career models of Bangladesh, whose faces the audience has seen and loved for many years, one of them is Sweety. Seniors and experts of ad makers talk about Sweety in the highest regards, a model who was reliable and always delivered the shot. Some might remember her as an actor, but that's not how she started off. She started as a model and it was quite a few years before she leaped on to the television screens. Since she was an established model and a very known face, her emergence into acting was accompanied with high expectations of the audience. And the audience and Sweety's fans are well aware of her acting skills. How Sweety has balanced her career and her married life of fifteen years is an example to remember in a world where stars and celebrities often sacrifice their personal lives to keep up with their careers. For a time, her face was everywhere, on billboards, on the television and on magazine covers. But she chose to slowly wrap up her modeling exposure to give more time to acting. To add to her acting portfolio, she also joined 'the Theatre Group'. There are many models we have seen who poke their heads in and out of acting, trying their hand to see if they are successful or not. But Sweety, after moving into her acting career, never went back and is active on both the television and on stage today. She is still vivacious, and takes acting seriously. But acting is a much more competitive and difficult field than modeling, and even after her many achievements as an actor, I believe we have not yet seen the best of Tanvin Sweety. With proper planning and a little bit of soul-searching, I believe Sweety will still surprise us in days to come. She is more glamorous than many newcomers in the industry today, and should look to diversify the people she works with, engaging with both senior and new talented directors, and also explore various new roles and characters she plays onscreen.


Published: 12:00 am Saturday, January 18, 2014

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