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TOMALIKA An actor who deserves more

Rafi Hossain

She was discovered as a child talent in Notun Kuri, and that was just the start. Tomalika didn't just arrive on screen one fine morning, she built her skills gradually over time, and she has been an actor for decades, ever since she was a child. A lot of children were identified through Notun Kuri, but not all could maintain their popularity and demonstrate how diverse they are as an actor over time. To me, the story of Tomalika is a tragedy. She is truly a fine actor. As an observer and a critique, I see her belonging to the group of finest actors of Bangladesh, but, strangely enough, she does not find the limelight as often as many other actors do. Whose failure is that? Tomalika's? No. It's our failure. It is we who have failed to propel such a fine actor to the center stage of Bangladesh's showbiz world. Tomalika has indeed played some fine roles, but at a low frequency – she is underemployed as an actor. Her acting talent has not been leveraged to the level she deserved to be. Like many other artists, Tomalika's personal life has seen many ups and downs, and perhaps that turmoil and lack of stability could possibly bear some of the blame. This is not uncommon amongst artists across the world, but it is those artists who are able to balance their careers and personal lives that end up always shining through. Given Tomalika's experience, exposure and age, I believe it is the right time for her to chart out exactly where she plans to stand as an actor for the years ahead, and move along that planned career trajectory. I love her acting, and hope to see more of her in films and on television. There is ample opportunity for Tomalika to plan her future, and remind the Bangladesh audience how versatile an actor she is. I am sure I am not the only one waiting for her to become ubiquitous.


Published: 12:00 am Saturday, February 01, 2014

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