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Time to settle down?

Rafi Hossain

Contrary to the expectations of many, Iresh Zaker's entrance to the world of Showbiz was quite unexpected.  It is normal to expect the son of two celebrated media personalities to follow their footsteps and carve a place for themselves in the media as well, especially in our sub-continent. But Iresh was an exception. After completing his studies in the US, instead of coming back, he accepted a job and started to build a life of a non-resident Bangladeshi, and spent many years out of the country. When you spend so much time abroad, you get used to the foreign life, and what was once natural seems foreign, seems different. In that phase of Iresh's life, driven by career goals, he did not think about coming back to Bangladesh, his family businesses and the media. Neither Aly nor Sara Zaker created any obstacles in this, and allowed their son to decide what was best for him. But nothing in life is uncertain. The only constant in life is change. And it was such a change that suddenly caused Iresh to rethink his life, rethink his priorities, and almost out of the blue, he decided to come back to Bangladesh. Once he returned, he started to get involved in the family business. He wasn't thinking about entering the media though, and when he did, he was initially discouraged. But, time is the best proof of success, and time has proven Iresh's stance in the media as an actor. He began to enjoy acting; after all, it's in his blood. His continued presence on television is not merely due to his family history in acting, but also due to the fact that Iresh has the makings of a good actor. He is talented. It's not always true that the child of talented and versatile actors is able to follow the footsteps of his or her parents, but in Iresh case, he has been able to. He in now also slowly starting to act on the silver screen. Maybe we will also see him on live stage performances someday! When everything is going so well, here's the one question that boggles the mind, “Why is Iresh still unmarried?” He is quite the catch! Born in one of the most prestigious families of Bangladesh, highly educated, smart, talented, with a future that looks continuously brighter and brighter. But why hasn't someone been able to tie him down yet? This is one area of his life where Iresh has been inconsistent, in his many relationships; Iresh has not found what he was looking for. At least, not yet! He considers each relationship an important lesson in his life, and believes that he is finally mature enough to settle down with someone. It is only after two people spend a certain amount of time together, run a few miles together, do they realize whether their pace is the same, and whether they are compatible or not. And until very recently, Iresh had not found someone who he is fully compatible with.


Published: 12:00 am Saturday, July 12, 2014

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