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Through the Eyes of SHAMPA REZA

Interview: Mohammad Zahidul Islam

From a very young age, I have loved every bit of difference, every thought of being born.  Being born in a family where music is nurtured as passion, I started singing at the age of four. Later on, I discovered a deep passion for music in me.
Passion for Music
I started singing at the age of four. Basically, I like how music expressed our inner thoughts and feelings through harmony. I think music is not only a means to soothe our heart but also a code of conduct, a philosophical way of looking at life. However, when I went to Shantiniketon for higher studies on music, specifically on classical music, music engulfed me with in all its might. I fell in love with music. Now I consider music an integral part of my life without which I cannot imagine my existence in the world.
Icon in Life
My greatest icon is Rabindranath Tagore. His music and philosophy influenced me highly in life. Besides, my Guru Pandit Druvu Tara Joshi has an immense influence on me. Apart from these two persons, Simon de Bevuoire, Jean Paul Sartre, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Gour Kishore Ghosh are to be named who I like most. I consider nature to influence my life and thinking as well, in fact, it is an integral part of my life which has inspired me all through my way.

To be very frank, I am a humanist. In fact, I nurture love for all life, including the animals and trees. With much honor to the feminist philosophers, I would say the world has changed a lot. We should think in a different way apart from differentiating gender experiences. Interestingly when I look at the people of my country, I see that we have become modern in our outfit but not in outlook. The situation of Dhaka city makes me think. We have lost our etiquette as nation and grown our lustfulness for wealth and money altogether.  
Working for the society, particularly in the education sector, is a prior idea that I grew during my school life. During our pre-liberation war I volunteered in a campaign named 'Save the Children' run by the United Nations in Nadia district in India when my family was living there due to my father's job posting. He was in the Air Force at that time. I worked there from dawn to dusk to teach the basic alphabet to the children. I was highly moved by the idea that I was serving my countrymen who were seeking refuge there at that young age. Later on, after my own training in England, India and Bangladesh, I established a school named 'Anondo Niketon' in Sylhet in the year 1990 where students can get world class education from teachers of different countries. Besides, I have established another school in Dhaka named 'Rodela Chottor' in 1997 which I am planning to develop further.
Inspiration in Life
The idea of 'Knowing Thyself' inspires me much. I find it exciting to get introduced to myself and my demands in life. I often think, “Why did I come to the world?”. This existential question often makes me look at my life in newer lens that changes its look every time. It inspires me to find my way. People these days are busy with outward beauty but they are not aware of the fact that the inner socio-psychological corrosion is leading us towards psychological death.
Acting Career
My acting career began with a role in the play called 'Ostrotogandha' by late Selim Al Din in 1975. Later on, I worked on many dramas and television productions. Honestly speaking, I was never interested in acting that much but I was convinced after I read about the role; my character was a girl who was overwhelmed by music.
Singing Classical
Classical music in our country is going through a fading atmosphere. Its listeners are a selective few. Again, the lack of government support and lack of a platform to practice is causing our classical music to shrink.  People have lost the ability to appreciate the deep philosophy underlying classical music.
Our Movie
I think the movie industry in our country did not flourish much. I think producers here are poor in their mind, not in terms of money. We have commercial movies devoid of aesthetic value. Not all the producers are successful in movie making here. I think Humayun Ahmed also failed in movie making. However, I am hopeful about our young generation of movie makers.
Movies: Ojantrik, Hirok Rajar Deshe, Akaler Sondhane, Ponther Panchali, Opur Songshar
Actors/Actress: Meryl Streep, Dustin Hoffman, Tom Hanks, Rituporno Ghosh, Smigdha Patil
Authors and Poets: Jibanananda Das, Nirmalendu Goon, Amitabh Gosh, Vikram Seth, Khushwant Singh


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