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The song, the ontora

Manna Dey
Manna Dey

Often it is the ontora that turns out to be the most appealing part of a song. Of course, when we speak of songs that we recall, we generally draw attention to the beginning of a song. That is only natural. But how about delving into some ontoras, if we are permitted to use such a term, and see if we can figure out the beginnings of those lyrics? No, it's not a quiz, only a test to see if our memories are as good as they used to be.
Here goes the first of our ontoras:
Nupur kokhono baaje ki aaha / choron jodi na chole / akash kobhu ki shaaje go aaha / taara jodi na jole / chorine nupur akashe taara / mitalir raage dole . . .
Try to remember the beginning of the song, which Mahmudunnabi sang so touchingly. And while you do, here is another ontora:
Prothom dekhar shubho khhone / kaanplo hridoy shongopone / raaj kumarir golla-e dilo / gojomotir haar shei rajar kumar.
The song was once sung by Saiful Islam. Now for some Hemanta:
Alo-te tomae aami cheyechhi / aandharer majhe dekha peyechhi / jhorh hoye aaj tumi eshechho / bidyut shikha jele bondhu.

Remember the lines: tomra keno ato boka shei kotha tai bhabi / amar heerer aangti na pele /or jolto ki oi naak chhabi? The song is from Manna Dey.
From Rabindranath, try humming this ontora and you can be sure you will locate the first lines of the song:
Gopone dekhechhi tomar / byakul noyone bhaaber khela / utolo anchol elothelo chuul dekhechhi / jhorhero belaye dekhechhi tomaye.
And can you recall the song to which this ontora belongs:
Raater o akashe taarer o mitali / amare diyechhe shurer o gitali / koto je asha-e tomari name / jaliye aami rekhechhi dipali?
You surely cannot have forgotten the singer. And this one from Khondokar Faruk Ahmed and Shahnaz Rahmatullah:
Haath barhiye achhi boshe / ashbe kokhon amar paashe / ato ayojon purno kore / ronge ronge bhore diyo.
Abdul Jabbar's songs remain famous for their pure sense of romance. Here is an ontora from one of those songs that you should be able to recall:
Akash jokhon dighir jol-e / poddo hoye bhashe / shondhya jokhon ghomta tene / modhur modhur haashe / tomake shudhu tomake / keno mone porhe.
The song in which the following ontora occurs is one that will break your heart through its depth of passion and pathos:
Tai gaan shonate haaye kontho kenpe jaaye / taare haashi mukhe jete dao / shesh gaan shune nao.
Remember Shyamol?

The writer is Executive Editor, The Daily Star

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