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by Sadia Khalid
Bipasha Hayat
Bipasha Hayat

Bipasha Hayat
“This year, the overall situation in our country is not favourable . It is having a bad impact on our work. It's hard to create something good in times of such instability. Our creativity loses inspiration, and comes out bland. I sometimes ask myself, what is there to paint, what is there to write when people are helpless, insecure and dying? In 2013, I wanted to keep a general message in all of my scripts. I wanted to ask everyone- what have we done for our country? Have we really done anything? I think each of us being more aware of our duties and acting accordingly, is doing something for the country. Not littering in the streets, protesting against crime- these small individual acts can make a difference. We shouldn't just wait for the government to do everything for us. Our individual efforts put together can bring a mammoth change. 
In 2014, I wish good health for everyone and my family. I want to do my 3rd Solo Exhibition in the middle of next year, which couldn't be organized in 2013.”
Bappa Mazumder
“I want to wish a happy new year to everyone in Bangladesh. Just like everyone else, I wish the political instability to go away so that we can work smoothly. All my plans for 2014 are dependent on the political climate. If somehow all goes well, I want to release my greatest hits album 'Best of Bappa'. I'm also hoping the film 'Shotta' (self), for which I composed the music and background score, will be released in 2014.”
Samina Chowdhury
“I am hoping 2014 will be a beautiful year where there won't be such political instability and we will be able to move freely as citizens of a free nation are supposed to be able to. I have plans to release my album 'Pushpo Brishti' in February for Valentine's Day. But if the political situation doesn't stabilize, then I won't release my album. I also have plans to launch an album containing only Nazrul and Tagore songs. But all is contingent on our country's overall situation.”
Jaya Ahsan
“Everyone says that 13 is an unlucky number. But 2013 was a very lucky year for me. I went to the Cannes Film Festival and CII (India) this year. I also had my Tollywood (Aborto) and Dhallywood film debut (Purno Doirgho Prem Kahini). I also started my business venture, ATN Times, which is an online news portal. However, at this point, I can't be ecstatic about all these milestones in my career since this is a disastrous time for our country. 
I just hope that these problems will magically disappear in 2014. We need magic, a miracle perhaps, to overcome these problems that we are facing right now. In 2014, hopefully my next film, Zero Degree, will be released.”

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