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The Blacklist The Hottest New TV Show of 2013!

Zakir Mushtaque

James Spader is back! And what a comeback this is to mainstream television. High-intensity drama? Check. Intriguing plot twists? Check. Mysterious characters? Check. Cliffhangers which keep you biting your nails till the next episode? Check. The blacklist is the most watched new television show of 2013, and it has already been contracted for a second season before it has gone through half the first season! The Blacklist has been created by Jon Bokencamp, a newcomer to the TV realm.
The Blacklist follows Spader's Red Reddington, a former marine and an international criminal mastermind who is on FBI's top ten most wanted list for helping to curate numerous crimes with some of the world's biggest criminals. Strangely enough, he surrenders himself to the FBI in the pilot episode of the show. Or does he? Pretty soon the FBI realizes that Red has them right where he wants them, and creates a scenario where is makes sense for the FBI to allow Red to continue his evil misdemeanors! The shows main relationship is between Red and Special Agent Elizabeth (Liz) Keene (Megan Boone), a newbie on the FBI's task force who Red requests personally to be his handler. Why? That's the biggest cliffhanger yet. The two plays a delicate game of cat and mouse, and from one episode to another, Liz appears to be more and more the very reason why Red is playing games with the FBI.
Red has a full list of bad guys he wants to take down, and he wants the FBI on the case. Why? Because that gives FBI reason to let Red off the hook – and these are badass criminals even the FBI doesn't know exists. The FBI has no choice but to believe in the criminal mastermind, but they—like the audience—have no idea what Reddington's real motivations are. It's that deep dread that The Blacklist hinges on, and gets more interesting every week.


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