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Rafi Hossain

Bijori came to the limelight and caught people's attention through Humayun Ahmed's drama series 'Kothao Keo Nei'. For a new actor to enter a cast of established performers such as Subarna Mustafa, Khairul Alam Shobuj and others, and to play a role that affects every other character and causes a major plot twist, was not an easy job to do. But Bijori not only played her part well, she did so memorably. Many expected Bijori to follow in the footsteps of her mother, Zinnat Barkatullah, who was a dancer. But Bijori chose to be an actor by profession, although she did not completely give up dancing either. She started acting at a time when there weren't as many television channels in Bangladesh and therefore it was a lot more difficult for stars to find screen time, but Bijori carved out a very good niche for herself as an actor fairly quickly. This, combined with her beauty and acting abilities created high expectations from the media and from the audience in the 1990s. But, back then, from the point of view of a critique, Bijori could not play the roles that did justice to her potential. She played many roles in many productions, but unlike the role she began with, a large majority of these roles were not very memorable.

Bijori took the difficult route as an actor – she got married at a young age and chose to balance her career and family life, which is never easy.  This was a brave move, and she always gave priority to her family and her dear ones, and this could possibly be one of the reasons why she might not have been able to reach her full potential back in the 90s. But that is not the only way to look at Bijori's career. Because most of the top female actors of her time are virtually absent from the media today. They are either completely absent or they are only seen once in a blue moon. But, unlike them, Bijori has maintained a steady screen presence throughout her career. Perhaps this was always her plan, to chalk out a decisive strategy to keep balancing her career and personal life for the long run, always being glamorous and keeping her career alive for decades. In fact, I believe Bijori's best performance is yet to come. I believe she is at a mature point in her career where she can pick the right roles in a selective manner, and play characters that the audience will fondly remember, be it on television or on the silver screen. I believe the best of Bijori is yet to come.

Published: 12:00 am Saturday, August 23, 2014

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