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The best is yet to come…

Rafi Hossain

There are a few celebrities that have emerged from the FM radio scene, and the most popular of them is Nawsheen Nahreen Mou, whose name we first heard as a RJ. She started modeling about 5-6 years ago, and her face became well known through billboard advertisements and television commercials. Her leap into the entertainment world was gradual, and she eventually appeared on television, and in alternative movies (yet to be released). In terms of looks, she is an interesting and unique combo, she has the intelligent look, while she can still pull off the demeanor of a 'sweet and innocent' girl. Nawsheen soon became a welcome addition to Bangladesh's world of showbiz. People's expectations from Nawsheen were high, as was mine. From how she appeared and carried herself, I had expected her to be more than a celebrity; I thought she would become a versatile actor who brings interesting and fresh roles to life. She has played many characters, but most of them were not memorable. And that's exactly what an actor needs to do to become a showbiz personality; they must look for roles and stories for which they are worth remembering. My expectations from Nawsheen are still very high, because I know she has the talent. She has the potential to be one of the most versatile actors of Bangladesh – but only if she is very cautious about choosing which directors, which stories and which characters she associates herself with. The larger portion of her career is yet to take shape, and she has the tools and experiences to be able to decide and move along a planned trajectory. I believe, in time, Nawsheen will give us many roles on screen that we will be able to relate to, and even look up to, thus showing the world how talented an actor she can be.
Also in this issue, we are presenting Celebrating Life's most recent festival, held at the 'Selim Al Deen amphitheater' at Jahangirnagar University on 13th February 2014.  For the first time in the cultural history of the university, which goes back 42 years, the students, teachers and local community could experience a classical musical concert which continued deep into the night…


Published: 12:00 am Saturday, February 22, 2014

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