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Rafi Hossain

At a time when Bangla movies were the last thing people in Bangladesh used to think of for entertainment, a new hero emerged – Ananta Jalil! When people had forgotten about cinema halls, Ananta, almost suddenly, became a magnet drawing people to cinema halls across the country. Although Ananta has been the subject of much criticism because of his accent and some unfortunate events, at the end of the day, what really matters is that Ananta's personality on screen is truly larger than life. The true testament of a versatile and talented actor is to what extent he can engage his audience, and in that respect – Ananta is the most successful actor of Bangladesh right now. The way hundreds of people in cinema halls scream and tweet at the very sight of Ananta is a remarkable gesture, and points to his popularity and star power. And there was a very large vacuum in the industry – of a modern actor and producer who attempted new stories and new techniques. His popularity is not just a chance happening – Ananta worked very hard to get where he is today – he took enormous risks. Established producers were not brave enough to invest the kind of money Ananta did in his movies – and look at where it has gotten him today. He has innovated on many fronts – on graphics and production values, on song visualizations, and on stories. What is even more remarkable is to see how he has improved his films with each consecutive film. He has taken a risk with each new film – and each time his films have been ever better received than the last one. Perhaps he could take such bold steps because he has been the lead, the director, the producer – the jack of all trades when it comes to cinema. And that is a terrific feat indeed. Another very strong quality of Ananta Jalil is that he is a newsmaker; he has been able to create hype around everything he does. How he has projected himself, maintained himself in the media has really struck a chord with the audience, and he has done it so very well. Ananta is a star at heart – not everyone has the appetite for such popularity; and from the looks of it, Ananta's appetite is even larger than what we've seen so far. Looking at Ananta's career graph, we at Star Showbiz have no doubt that he is undoubtedly a very smart man – and that he will do what is needed to keep his media personality alive. The only thing that we would like to see him do a bit differently in the future with his movies, is experiment a little bit – reach out of his comfort zone. Ananta is used to doing all of it – acting, directing, producing – but in the making of a film, all of these are full time jobs. Splitting one's head between acting and directing constantly over such a large project only means that the person is having a very hard time delivering. Maybe in the future, Ananta could work with another director and focus mainly on acting - who knows what the results might be? Judging by Ananta's television advertisement (which was directed by Mesabur Rahman Sumon) where Ananta looks and portrays himself as no less than any international hero, we are hopeful than such experimentation will only further improve the quality of Ananta's films, taking him one step closer to his dream of making movies in Bangladesh for the international audience.


Published: 12:00 am Saturday, April 12, 2014

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