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REVIEW 2013 & PREVIEW 2014


by Sadia Khalid

Pintu (Vocal, Violin and Flute), Chirkutt
“2013 has been a good year for us! Our music video was featured in MTV Roots and we won the Citycell Channel i Music Awards in the Audience Choice category. We also did a song (Kanamachhi) for the film 'Television'; bands like us usually don't perform songs for films, but we went ahead with it, as we believe music has no boundaries. Not to mention our tour of Norway - a huge success; in all our 6 shows there, we sang our original songs. To our surprise, many of the natives there picked up our songs and we heard some of the audiences singing our songs in the streets after the show. We did not expect our 'Epic Fusion' (as the fans call it) to crossover to Scandinavia so easily. Next year, we have big plans. We hope to release our next album and do a documentary on our tours.”
Shakib (Vocal), Cryptic Fate
“This year we started the Liberation War Concept Album 'Noy Mash' in March, and were the first ones to successfully sell music using digital platforms. We partnered with Radio Foorti and released one song of the album each month. We released the first 6 singles on time, but fell behind schedule after that. The album was supposed to be released this December; but it seems we will be releasing it next March. We are also hoping to launch our long awaited album 'Jantrik Golojog' in July 2014. 
We've had a lot of great performances in 2013. The performance in Gonojagoron Moncho on 16th December and the Rocknation concerts were one of the best ones this year for us. We're also proud of our video 'Akromon'. It was made by Flybot Studios and Incursion. It was all their idea; I just turned up for its shooting. It is the first zombie music video in Bangladesh. I'm happy to be a part of it.”
Abrar (Manager), Arbovirus
“The highlights of 2013 for Arbovirus would be the release of their 2nd album, 4 music videos (Jaalo Aagun Jaalo, Shohor, Prolap and Hariye Jao) and 3 electrifying performances in all 3 RockNation concerts. To give you a preview of what to expect from the band in 2014, let me just say that we are raising the bar to fulfill heightened expectations of our listeners. The band will release an EP (Extended Play), unleash some killer music videos, embark on a nationwide tour and perform in more breathtaking concerts. There'll also be the launching of Arbovirus's Converse, T-Shirt and DVD. So stay tuned if you don't want to miss all these ‘amazeballs’ attractions!”
Jon (Vocal), Indalo
“In 2014, I want to live in a country where there are more weekdays than weekends. Currently, due to the blockades, only Friday is a working day and the rest of the days are somewhat wasted. We want to release Indalo's first album next year. I also want to see my station (Radio Shadhin) grow bigger and better.”

Interviews by Sadia Khalid

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