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Ten Things You Didn't Know about ZAHID AKBAR

Interviewed by Mohammad Zahidul Islam

What inspired you to become a lyricist?
I grew up in Rajshahi. During my teen years, I used to write rhymes and send them to children's magazines in Dhaka. All of my rhymes got published in the magazines and this really increased my confidence. It was in the year 2000 that I met Kawser Ahmed Chowdhury and he inspired me to write lyrics, and this sparked my start.
What was your first work as a lyricist?
The title song of the album “Eka” with Aiyub Bacchu was my first work as a lyricist. I remember one work from my early teenage life named “Ekhono Du Cokhe Bonna” which was composed by Prince Mahmood. Afterwards, I worked on many lyrics and jingles.
When did you take the profession seriously?
Honestly speaking, I am not serious in writing lyrics even today. If someone asks me to write something, I might try to write, but I never write for professional reasons. If my mood, emotion and passion for something become harmonious only then do I write lyrics. Writing lyrics depend purely on my mental state.
Do you do anything else simultaneously with lyrics writing?

I don't think that a lyricist can earn his livelihood with only lyrics-writing as an occupation in our country. I am a journalist at 'Anondo Dhara' magazine. I have been working here for five years.
Who are your favorite singers? What types of songs do you listen to?
I don't listen to music that much. I think the contemporary music is going through a really bad time. People at present seem interested much on commercial aspects rather than maintaining harmony in the songs. Some people are singing without maintaining harmony in musical instruments and vocals. Consequently, what happens is that we have some strange types of songs.  However, I am afraid that this commerciality and discord may influence my uniqueness and harmony. Therefore, I avoid listening to music.
If you don't listen to songs, what do you do in your leisure time?
I read a lot. I read poetry, novel or even the lyrics of contemporary music. Sunil Gongopaddhay, Al Mahmood, Shamsur Rahman, Shakti Chattopaddhay, Binoy Mazumder, and Tokon Thakur - they are my favorites.  
How would you evaluate the overall situation of our music industry?
In a word, the situation is bad. The originality of our lyrics is lost, let alone composition. Previously, we had a few lyricists who wrote very well. Kabir Bokul, Nazrul Islam Babu, Kawser Ahmed Chowdhury, and Mohammad Rafiquzzaman are a few to be named. I think the present singers or lyricists don't know the harmony of music. They only focus on the rhyme and sound. Again, they are more focused on commercial production of songs. Surprisingly enough, the listeners have accepted them as well! Piracy is another thing that is discouraging many of our singers to release albums. I think we should address the issue strictly.
Do you think piracy is discouraging our music companies and singers to release their albums?
No, not really. The music companies are never face losses due to piracy. In fact, the companies themselves are involved in piracy work. They have trade relations with the vendors. What happens ultimately is the singers lose money. They cannot earn their expected amounts. As a result, they are discouraged.  
What do you consider your best achievement as a lyricist?
The listeners support is my greatest achievement. They love my lyrics and accept them cordially. I think I have popularity among the listeners. People often support my work on Facebook. That is really inspiring for me. Apart from listeners support, I also achieved CGPA Award in 2013 and Bichitra Award lately.
What are some of your popular lyrics? Can you name a few songs?
Actually, the list is lengthy. What I remember right now is “Dub Shatar”, which was a turning point for me. Besides, “Dui Dike Boshobash” by Nancy, “Priotoma” by Arefin Rumi, “Shunno” by Bappa Mazumber, “Aradhona” and “Veja Veja Haoa” from the movie “Most Welcome 2” are also popular among the listeners.


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