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Interviewed by Md. Zahidul Islam

Golam Haider Kisloo is a popular advertisement maker who is planning to make movies sometime in the recent future. He thinks his life would be incomplete if he does not get into movie-making. Star Showbiz caught up with him recently to learn about his life in the media.

1. Why did you chose ad-making as your career?
Actually, I was attracted to movie making. I thought I could do something if I came to Dhaka from Chittagong. Amitabh Reza being my friend made it easier for me to get into the world of advertising. Movie making was not as easy and one need a lot more experience and financial backing.

2. What was your first work?
It was in 2002 or 2003, I cannot remember exactly, when I worked with a ten seconds advertisement for the promotion of Shezan Juice. Later on, I worked with Banglalink, Grameenphone and some other companies.

3. What are some of the challenges you face working in Bangladesh?
No profession is smooth and easy going and challenges exist. However, we have some technical problem here such as the lack of proper equipments, lack of an institute where people can study about the media. Presently, we often have to go outside the country for post-production. Sometimes, fresh models without any prior experience of modeling are also challenging to work with.

4. What are the primary differences between movie making and advertisement making?
Many people think that making movies or fiction work provides much freedom to a director. I do not think the same. Again, those differences are basically related to area of work, length, amount of investment and some other technical aspects. Unlike movies, advertisements need plot, story and special focus on the theme. In case of advertisements, a director needs to focus much on the product features so that it reaches the target group. Again, fiction work or movies are also products and need the target group.

5. Why are Bangladeshi advertisements full of songs and dances?
Actually, it is not always true that Bangladeshi advertisements are full of songs and dances. It was true to some extent but the scenario has changed a lot. People are making new kinds of advertisement in recent times. However, there are expectations from the clients that an ad-maker needs to fulfill. We often go for emotional, satirical or thematic advertisements that bring out diversity and easily reach the target audience. Actually, there is no set trend in advertisements.

6. How has the world of advertising changed over time here?
There are differences in the field of technical equipments use, crew management and funding now compared to the past. At present, we have modern equipments which allow us to experiment with our work. It was not possible in previous times. Besides, we have a lot of female models to work with now who are talented. It was tough to find a female model for advertisements previously. In case of funding, we are much better and can afford to shoot outside the country.

7. How would you evaluate the interest of young people joining the media? How has been the performance of young people working here?
I would say that the interest of young people on media and media related works have made it possible for us to work better. It is a good sign for our industry. In case of young people coming to modeling, I would say they need some prior experience and study regarding the role they would like to play. It is tough to train up young and fresh models for their role before the camera. However, I think they are very passionate and smart. All they need is some training and experience.

8. What can be done to improve the situation or to train up the young people?
I think we need an institute where people can study about media and television. An institute could make a difference in the whole scenario. It can provide opportunities for models, directors and artists. Now, the businesspersons or government should come forward in order to establish a media and television studies institute.

9. What would be your expectation from the young models? What do you suggest for the people who would like to make advertisements?
Fresh models need some basic knowledge about working in media before they join the industry. Prior knowledge and experience can lead them forward. In case of the people who would like to make advertisements, I would suggest them almost the same thing- prior knowledge about advertisement making, management or work and proper study. They must be organized in their work. I am hopeful about the young people.

10. What are you working on right now? What are your future plans?
I am working with advertisements as I always do. My next advertisement is for Banglalink which is to go on air after Eid. I am planning to make movies, at least one in the near future. I think my life would be incomplete if I do not make movies. However, I could not organize things and begin movie making yet. I hope to be able do so soon.

Published: 12:00 am Saturday, August 09, 2014

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