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Television of a lifetime Spirited Anchors

Faridur Reza Sagor

Continued from Vol 01 Issue 28

Rezaur Rahman
Rezaur Rahman

The program related to legal issues, Ain Adalot, hosted by young Rezaur Rahman is still remembered by many. Another program on legal matters was hosted by ex-chief justice Mustafa Kamal. It was amazing how they used to present intricacies of law to the viewers. A program on urban development, Ekdin Protidin was a production by Mostafa Kamal Syed, directed by Ali Imam. Hosted by architect Farhadur Reza Probal, the program was about construction, design and land development.
Sadly, nowadays new technologies have brought glamour and style in TV programs, but lacks in planning and variety. Dr. Hasan Zaman should also be mentioned. He hosted a religious program. After independence, he disappeared from the screens because of his political views during the liberation war.       
In a magazine program, hosts have support from a lot of people. But there were hosts who used to mesmerize the viewers with their personality and presentation style. Nowadays, television channels are not only to be blamed for the lack of such hosts. Blame should go to our education system and social values. Our society is failing to produce intelligent hosts and we are being deprived of spirited TV anchors.
Every year, a performance award show is held in Sharjah stadium, UAE by Channel i. Along with award giving ceremony, renowned Bangladeshi artistes perform in the program. Viewers watch the program on channel i and read about it in magazines. There are behind the scene stories about the program. Organizers have learned that Sharjah stadium had hosted programs before with international stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan and AR Rahman. Those programs had twelve to fifteen thousand spectators. Dubai held programs with huge stars like Michael Jackson – those were all in large hotels. Largest attraction of Sharjah stadium is India-Pakistan cricket match. During matches stadiums are always full where the maximum attendance is not more than seventeen thousand. Therefore, the organizers of Channel i thought a Bangladeshi program should bring a maximum of seventeen thousand spectators. But it was not to be. On the day of the program, since early afternoon the stadium became surrounded by Bangladeshis. In the evening, the number of people reached fifty thousand. Spectators began to enter the stadium of only seventeen thousand seats. Stadium gates were surrounded by spectators. The ground had become full of people – some on chairs, some on the ground. Soon it became a chaotic scene. On top of that, the cricket pitch on the ground can't be ruined. Program was scheduled to start at 7pm but the artistes were stuck on road because of the crowd. The delay began to make the spectators agitated. In the tense atmosphere, the program started at 8pm.
The organizers began to worry – some suggested that a popular singer or actor should first appear on stage to calm the overcrowded stadium. But it was host Afzal Hossain who appeared on stage. Everyone thought, Afzal Hossain would speak softly to bring calm among the spectators. Proving everyone wrong, Afzal Hossain started hosting with a dramatic style in a loud voice. Planning for program had been done two months ago. Everything from script to auto-queue was planned. But, the great host Afzal Hossain broke out of all the plans and improvised according to the atmosphere. He started by saying, “Dear friends”. From then on, continuously for four hours Afzal Hossain hosted the progamme without any co-host. Once again, he proved how important an anchor's performance is – even when there are performances by stars and megastars. Afzal Hossain proved to be the much needed bridge between the performers and the audience.
to be continued...
The writer is Managing Director,Channel i
Translated by Zia Nazmul Islam

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