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By Faridur Reza Sagor

Continued from issue 44…

Anurag Basu
Anurag Basu

Bangladesh television use to air drama shows once a week. Zee TV was the first channel in the sub-continent to air a drama called “Tara”, which ran twice a week. The audience of the sub-continent then realized that drama serials are viewable more than three days a week. The name character of the serial, “Tara” was Tara. It was played by Navneet Nishan, who with her two friends wrote the drama. Made in Mumbai, it was the first daily soap in the sub-continent. Later, “Tara” started to be on-air four days a week. One of the directors of the soap was a Bengali, Anurag Basu. He was the director of renowned producer, Ekta Kapoor's first feature film “Murder”. Bangladeshi singer James did a song for Mahesh Bhatt's film – Anurag Basu was the director of that film too.
Other than daily soaps, another popular programme was Antakshari.

Ekta Kapoor
Ekta Kapoor

Hosted by actor Annu Kapoor, it has been running since the first day of Zee TV. Running for more than a decade, many co-hosts have come and gone but Annu Kapoor has been running the show charismatically. The show which started with only ten audience members has later been shot in various countries of the world with huge crowds. Seeing the enormity of the show, it is now quite unimaginable to think how small its start was.
Those who are the audience of BTV, or the ones who talk about and criticize BTV will not believe that all programmes that are now showing on satellite channels has already been done at BTV. If the programmes of the satellite channels were showed proper permission, BTV could've claimed that the show was first aired at BTV. It is unbelievable but true that in terms of prize-money, “Kaun Banega Crorepati” is the biggest show. Thirty years ago, many of those who were students would remember that they used collect their tuition fees attending quiz shows of BTV. Many newly married couples used to receive household items as prizes attending another quiz show, “Dompoti”, hosted by Abdul Matin.

Mahesh Bhatt
Mahesh Bhatt

Fazle Lohani used to host a programme called “Jodi Kichu Mone Na Koren”, where students from college and universities used to take part. There used to be various kinds of segments in the programme. In the first part, Fazle Lohani's question could not be answered using “yes” and “no”. The prize money for this segment was only Tk 2. Progressing through the programme segments, the prize-money reached up to Tk 100. I am sure that readers can guess the value of one hundred taka thirty years ago.
Abdullah Abu Sayeed used to host a number of quiz and general knowledge shows. Strangely, nowadays segments from his shows are being copied by satellite channels and showed in a larger scale. Following the footsteps of Antakshari, Sanu Nigam started a popular show. But, before all these shows, Abdullah Abu Sayeed used to a host a similar game-show during the days of BTV in DIT.

 To be continued…
The writer is Managing Director, Channel i
Translated by Zia Nazmul Islam

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