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Baul songs express our emotions more clearly than any other type of music

Interviewed by Mohammad Zahidul Islam

How did you come to the profession of a singer?
In my early life I used to listen to different types of songs. Later on, I started writing lyrics and singing on my own. I found that music attracts me a lot. Gradually, I developed my passion in music. However, I got support from my family and friends that inspired me a lot.
Where did you learn singing?
I learned singing from my early age, starting with many Gurus who came to my house. My institutional education began in Nazrul Academy in 1996. I got admitted there and learned Nazrul Sangeet and Classical Bangla songs. Usually, I prefer Baul songs of our country and I believe that Baul songs reveal the inner passion and emotion of our lives.

Syed Waqeel Ahad

Where does your fascination of Baul songs come from?
I think music is all about passion and emotion, whatever touches the heart. I was with band music but could not continuesince it really didn't strike a chord with me. Baul songs are my real passion. Personally, I spent a lot of time with the Bauls in Kushthia. I realized that Baul songs express our emotions more clearly than any other type of music. Besides, its connection with our folklore and traditional cultural life makes it more connected with our own life and thoughts.
What else do you do apart from music and singing?
Basically, I sing songs and I believe myself to be a singer. Apart from singing, I was involved with Loknattodol and Recitation Groups. Besides, I worked for 'Nodi Bacao Andolon (Save the River)'. Moreover, I wrote jingles for many advertisements, sang for the people who are deprived and are fighting addiction.
Who are your favorite singers in Bangladesh?
Usually I listen to different types of songs. I prefer Arnob, Fuad, Bappa, Habib, Shayan, Krishnokoli and Fahmida Nobi. I think they are very brilliant in their own sectors.
Who are your inspirations in life?
I should name SumonChattopaddhay and Bob Dylan in this list. They inspire me with their dedication and works. I think both of them are brilliant and dedicated in their works.
What are you doing recently?
I am working on some patriotic songs. Besides, I have released a song on sound pollution of Dhaka city in order to raise awareness. Moreover, I am working on a soundtrack with Fahmida Nabi presently.
Tell us about some of your achievements?
I sang Lalon's“OmritoMegher Bari”, which was awarded the MTV Gold Disc award recently. Besides, I sang for different people in different places, which I think are achievements for me.
What do you want to do in the near future?
I would like to work for the children, sing for the unsung singers of our country in order to bring them back to mainstream music.

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