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Staying Fresh, Staying New

Rafi Hossain

Barin Mazumder and Ila Mazumder has two sons, Partho and Bappa Mazumder. Both of them were classical singers, and those in the music industry know how skilled they both were in their arts, but perhaps they were not as well known. But Bappa, their son, is known throughout the country. His popularity has grown steadily over the years, and has never been shaken. He makes the kind of music that appeal to the masses. In the late 1980s, mainstream music needed a new face, someone to remind everyone that tasteful and fresh music is able to win over the hearts of millions. Amongst his contemporaries, he is the most well established musician and singer of Bangladesh. His understanding of music is much clearer than others and perhaps his grooming and his family background has a lot to do with that. Although known for his voice and rhythmic composition, Bappa is also talented at playing various kinds of musical instruments, and it's very rare for someone to be so talented at such a diverse range of instruments. Many famous music directors globally have this talent. Whether its modern songs performed solo or through his band, Bappa has a signature style, a brand, which sets him apart which cannot be taken lightly. Maybe this is why the sands of time could not forget Bappa, although they have forgotten many artists who emerged alongside him. Over time, as technology has developed new ways to compose music, many music directors have become obsolete. But not Bappa, whose capacity to grow is as astute as his sense of music, and he has kept up with the times, learning new ways to compose music. As times evolved, so did Bappa, so did his music. Many artists become famous with one song or album, but could not grow over time. Bappa has not fallen into that cycle; instead he broke out of it every preconception with every new album, reinventing his music and his songs while maintaining his signature style. Bappa is currently working on a highly instrumental project. As fans, we have high expectations from him. And high expectations often results in many criticisms. We hope that Bappa stays grounded, builds on those criticisms and continues to experiment with his music, continuing to give the fans what they love.
This week, we are saddened by Farooq Sheikh's untimely death. He was one of the finest amongst his contemporaries of Indian cinema, such as Shabana Azmi, Nasiruddin Shah, Smita Patel, Dipti Naval, etc. He had amazing caliber as an actor, being able to play both the good soul and the diabolical villain in films. Farooq Sheikh does not have a long filmography, but where he lacked in quantity he made up for in quality, giving the audience memorable roles in good stories. And through those stories, he shall always be remembered.


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