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Star Showbiz 2013 Editor's Cut

Star Showbiz started its journey in 27th July 2013. So far, we have brought some of the biggest stars in our country to our readers. In our long and exclusive interviews with them, the artists share a lot of insights that we couldn't publish in our interviews due to lack of space and relevance. From now on, these 'cut pieces' of our interviews will be available on our website (http://www.thedailystar.net/beta2/category/showbiz/) and facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/SHOWBIZ.TDS). Here's a sneak peak of what we've been depriving you of.

Jaya Ahsan
“I have no plans regarding marriage. If you are an artist by heart, it is hard to maintain a traditional family life. Your partner has to make a lot of sacrifice. Your in-laws will expect you to be housewife-ish no matter how important your work is. With all due respect to the institution of marriage, I don't think I want to go through all that all over again.”
“The way these TV programs are aired, I'm compelled to say that the channels ignore the needs and the convenience of the audience, as if they don't care who's watching as long as the advertisements are pouring in. I feel ashamed that I worked in this media that cares so little.”





Shomi Kaiser
“I believe in marriage as an institution. It keeps your mind disciplined and focused. Whether the marriage is good or bad, that's a totally different issue. Some last, some doesn't- that is also a part of life. Love changes colours and intensity with time. I think the biggest pre-condition for a successful marriage is respecting each other's opinions and thoughts. Where there is love, compromise, doesn't feel like compromise anymore. Everybody has their limitations. Ego can trigger in an ugly way in a marriage. That's when you have to learn to say sorry. When you see that you're tired of sacrificing, then it becomes unhealthy. Both have to be in similar pace. But in reality one party is always more giving than the other. It's not humanly possible to appreciate someone's every deed 100%. How my mother sacrificed her life for us is, in my words, abnormal. Can we fully value that? The fact that we acknowledge it, that's love.”


Ayub Bachchu
“I want to make instrumental albums. I once released an instrumental album, sound of silence, which couldn't sell. Now you can find it in many 'dot coms'. Anybody can download it for free. It's not my property anymore.”
“The story that I haven't told anyone so far is that I'm on a new mission now. Way back, there was no 'Bangle Rock'. We used to play English songs in Sheraton. Guru Azam Khan started 'Bangla Rock' with Saleka Maleka. High Court Er Mazare and the rest of it is history. We know how many listened to English and how many listened to 'Bangle Rock' back then. I want to popularize 'Bangla Blues' now. I made it a point from early on to include a bluesy song in every album. Some of them became really popular like Madhobi. I will do rock music till the last day of my life, but I can challenge you that if we can establish this new genre, it's going to b as popular as 'Bangle Rock'.”


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