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  • Mala artist


    I am intrigued by how much music you manage to do even though you live in Australia! How do you manage?

  • Shanila Islam

    I started singing when I was four years old. When I was in fifth grade, my dad got me and my sister a guitar. Somehow, I seemed to be the only one interested enough to play it.

  • Farhin Khan Joyita

    Farhin Khan Joyita was born in a family of high cultural pedigree, with her mother being the renowned Rabindra Sangeet exponent Mita Haque and her father the 'Juboraj' of Bangladeshi theatre, Khaled Khan. However, she has carved her own path with her technically sound and soulful singing which is appreciated by all in the industry and beyond. Star Showbiz talks to the brilliant singer on her current projects, passion for music and much more!

  • Rahsaan Noor

    Rahsaan Noor is a Bangladeshi-American actor who got noticed with his hit debut in the film 'Simanaheen'.

  • DOLA

    She stands out among the many talented young singers with her unique voice, personality and perhaps most importantly, a relentless will to learn and keep improving.

  • Tahsin Ahmed

    Tahsin Ahmed has constantly proved throughout his brief career that he is here to stay, by churning out memorable tunes and hit

  • Rakin Absar

    Rakin Absar is a familiar name to anyone who watches Bangladeshi content on YouTube. He, along with BhaiBrothers LTD changed the game when it came to what our content creators could offer.


    I was brought up in a music-oriented family. Many in my family have been professionally affiliated with music.

  • Tashfee

    Even though she garnered mainstream attention after singing in “Wind of Change” on Gaan Bangla Television, she has been doing quite well in the Bangladeshi music scene for a few years now.

  • Folkloric Bangladesh

    Bangla folk literature has always celebrated a rich tapestry of themes, from heroic religious narratives depicted in ballads and dramas, to the mundane struggles of life reflected in witty proverbs and riddles. These folk tales, many of which have been passed down through generations orally, reflect the diversity of our different ethnic, linguistic and religious groups. This Pahela Baishakh, we invite you on a journey that takes us back to our roots.

  • Josim Ahmed

    “Daag” is a 13-minute long film, and it deals with our Liberation War. The film tells the story of Shila, a girl who was the victim of rape during the war.

  • Laisul Hoque

    I was always into creating visual content. During my early teenage years, my interest resided in photography.

  • Rafaat Khan

    “Jomin” is the remake of the song by the legendary Abdul Alim, released under 'M Records'. 'M Records' is a joint venture by me and Emon Chowdhury.

  • Rayhan Islam Shuvro

    From rocking out in obscure underground concerts to establishing himself as one of the country's most promising upcoming musicians, Rayhan Islam Shuvro's rise in popularity came as no surprise given his god-gifted talent and work ethic.