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by Zia Nazmul Islam

For many, mime as an art form has seen its heydays. There is no doubt that new technologies have changed our appetite for entertainment. But, taking a deeper look, we will find mime as a theatrical medium or as a performance art not confined to performance only. Its root is so widespread that it is actually the grammar of many other art forms. An actor or a dancer is also a mime artist at the core. Partha Pratim Majumder is one of the foremost mime artists still making Bangladesh proud internationally. Lovingly known to his fans as just 'Partha Da', he now lives in France. For those young souls who have never seen Partha Da perfom, he has been awarded the highest Cultural honour “Chevalier de l'ordre des Arts et des Lettre” (Knight in the Order of Fine Arts and Humanities) of France in 2011 and the highest honour of Bangladesh “Ekushey Award” in 2010. Recently, he was on a short visit to Bangladesh. His refined yet enthusiastic gesture reminded me the necessity of mime – through his colorful eyes; he painted a picture to show us how some art forms never die.  
Philosophy evolves according to age. My philosophy of live too has evolved. Before, it was all about my goal in life and the pursuit of the man I wanted to be. Now, at age 60, my thoughts and philosophy has evolved into a grandeur vision. Although I am a French citizen, I still am a Bangladeshi. I came from a humble background but my determination and hard work have taken me where I wanted to be. Through this long journey of life I have earned so much love and respect from my international fans. I don't want to throw philosophical jargons – my philosophy is what I can do. So, you can call it my philosophy or my future plan I want to build an institute in Bangladesh where mime will be taught. If only a handful of students can come out of this institution as mime artists I will be satisfied.
Hard work and success is my inspiration. I never thought of the amount of work that I am doing, I just wanted to bring perfection to what I am working on. I went to France as a young man and went through relentless hard work to perfect my performance as a mime artist. Later, my success as a mime artist and the feeling that I made my country proud gave me the inspiration to go ahead.
Marcel Marceau is my idol, my mentor, my guru – I owe everything to this great man. When I was only in my learning phase, Marcel Marceau, probably the greatest mime artist of all time, took me as his student and made me what I am today.   
It is one of the oldest art forms of human history. This is a creative art that is the root of many other art forms. No matter what people may say, mime is needed everywhere in performance art or even in daily life. One's gesture and posture can be enhanced with mime. For example, you will pick up a glass of water in one style while I will do it in different way. It is about facial and body expression and we utilize it everywhere and every time. Every culture has mime in its own way; Indian dance or Japanese Kabuki is another form of mime. Sad but true, in Bangladesh, mime hasn't grown and I want to change that. In France, one can't be an actor or a dancer without knowing the basics of mime.



Published: 12:00 am Saturday, March 08, 2014

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