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Oi Notuner Keton Ure

Rafi Hossain

In the past few weeks of Star Showbiz, we have talked about a quite a few newcomers to Bangladeshi cinema, who has helped to keep the filmmaking scene fresh and revived. This week we bring you Dilruba Yasmin Ruhee. Ruhee, without any lead acting credits yet to her name amongst released movies, has not one, not two, but five movies in the pipeline! Two of these movies are already complete, one is in post-production, and two are being filmed and are works in progress. This is a big achievement for a newcomer to the world of cinema.
Ruhee's first film, a movie on the Liberation War of 1971 produced and directed by Bangladeshi British citizen Munsur Ali, is expected to be released in March 2014. “Shongram – The Movie” will be made in three languages, Bangla, English and Urdu, and will be released internationally. The film is now in post-production stage. Anupom Kher and an American actor will also be starring in it. This is the first time a Bangladeshi movie is being made for the international audience, a laudable initiative. Ruhee is also working with Director Animesh Aich for his film titled 'Zero Degree', who, although very well-known for his work on television, is also new to films. Star Showbiz is eagerly waiting for the release of these movies.
Ruhee, an established model, has just begun her career as an actor. And it is off to a very good and sensible start with a good mix of movies which will bring her acting talent to the limelight. She has a lot to learn, and we hope that each film she makes her a better actor. With time, open mindedness and perseverance, she is on her way to become a celebrity in the world of Bangladeshi cinema. We wish her all the best in her future endeavours.
All over the world, celebrities set fashion trends. Back in the 70s, it was Bobita and Shabana whose hair cut and clothing sense would set the trends; and this is still internationally true. To celebrate the New Year, Star Showbiz brings you the best dressed Bangladeshi celebrities of 2013. We hope to bring you a much wider coverage of celeb fashion next year, under the banners of best and worst dressed celebs of Bangladesh.
Here's to a very Happy New Year, with which comes the promise of change and betterment of the lives around us.

Published: 12:00 am Saturday, January 04, 2014

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