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MOVIES to watch with your mom

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This mother's day (tomorrow), give your mother the gift she truly wants – spend time with her. What's the best way to spend quality time together? Pick one of our top ten movies to watch with your mom, grab some hot chocolate, and get the DVD player rolling! If you don't fancy such gems as 'Terms of Endearment' or 'Freaky Friday', try more alternative options 'The Kids Are All Right' or 'Juno' for size. In some, the transition from stranger to other-mother is seamless (The Blind Side, The Sound of Music), but for a more honest portrayal, 'Stepmom' leads the pack. And if you'd rather just laugh out loud with your dearest mum this mother's day, 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' is likely to do the trick.

10. Terms of Endearment
An honest portrayal of a close love-hate relationship between a mother and daughter as they try to come to terms with each other.
9. My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Because every girl needs their mother to utter the immortal words: “We women may be lambs in the kitchen, but we are tigers in the bedroom”, right?

8. The Blind Side
Sit back and enjoy the real-life story of a wealthy Texan housewife as she welcomes a homeless black teenager into her manicured mansion, and nurtures him to become an American Football star.
7. Stepmom
This painful but heart-warming film lays family tensions bare, with an unforgettable final scene showing the lengths children will go to for their mums.
6. The Kids Are All Right
The final coming-of-age scene in which two lesbian mothers say goodbye to their daughter as she leaves for university is a reminder that families can overcome a lot.
5. Mrs Doubtfire
A fun-loving film in which the maternal character (Robin Williams in drag) appears far nicer than the family's real mother, played by Sally Field.

4. Juno
A reminder of the confusions and difficulties that come with motherhood (especially when you're a teen), and all the funny and awkward moments that go with it.
3. The Sound of Music
The hills are alive....with the joys of step-mothering. Proof that step-mothers can have great relationships with their step-children after all.
2. Freaky Friday
The ultimate film about mothers and daughters coming to terms with each other's lives.
1. The Parent Trap
A feel-good film featuring Lindsay Lohan in her heyday. Twins Annie and Hallie scheme together to help reignite their mum's love life.


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