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Monosoroni was named after a poem written by Jibanananda Das. With a seven year long musical journey, Monosoroni is now a name of a band from Bangladesh with a new paradigm of musical experimentation. They are an ensemble of all possible musical genres. Monosoroni possesses a wide range of musical and lyrical creativity: producing ballads, love songs, surreal juxtapositions of striking images, philosophical verses, radical political commentary and traditional rhythms, blues and jazz. There is also a subtlety to Monosoroni's verses that incorporates society's easy identification with their public persona.
Monosoroni produces music as works of art in this age of technical reproducibility when the aura of art 'withers' or declines. The band attempts to distribute their musical artworks in a mass sphere. From this proposition, the band appears with a political overview to deconstruct the typical lyrical pattern of the music industry. Nowadays, there is no liberal pathway to search for a new paradigm of music. So escaping from the romanticism, they strive to go directly to people's heads. They scream in strange frequencies mixed up with poetry, which is followed by rock, blues and jazz moods.
Formerly an acoustic band, the band began with a question, “Which species do I belong to, humankind or slaves?” That's why they philosophically and sociologically incorporated the language of blues and jazz gradually. Now, they also create electronic compositions. They consider their songs as musical poems and think that the report of an artist's geo-political presence could be the language and the medium itself. Monosoroni is not mimicry of western or eastern music but it fights to create transcendental music, which is representative of culture and politics. In their own words, “Monosoroni is a musical praxis of celebrating, uttering, de-locating, re-symbolizing the socio-cultural-politico-philosophical-aesthetic composition that spread a critical space for `audience' and `consumer' to be critical about their utilitarian life style and so on. Mankind, which in Mahabharata's time was an object of contemplation for the Celestial gods, now is one for itself. Its self-alienation has reached such a degree that it can experience its own destruction as an aesthetic pleasure of the first order. This is the situation of politics which Fascism is rendering aesthetic. Monosoroni responds by politicizing art in a form of music.”

Probar Ripon (Main Vocal, Guitarist, Composer. Lyricist)
Muiz Mahfuz (Lead Guitarist, Vocal and Composer, Lyricist),
Asad-uz-Zaman (Bass)
Mohaimeen Islam Badhon (Drums)

Ashik Istiak  (Drums)
Tasbih Chowdhury Prosun (Bass)
Formed on 2004, founder member Probar Ripon & Muiz Mahfuz. One album launched named 'Monosoroni” in 2013. First released track “Jole Agun” in the Album called Bondhuta in 2008.

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