• Tuesday, March 03, 2015


Lights, Camera, Action?

Rafi Hossain

It's not that simple. In reality, filmmaking is all about writing and scripting, actors, makeup, costumes and cinematography. Then comes lights, camera, action! Not to mention post production editing! There is a prevalent notion about the filmmaking and media scene in Bangladesh, you'll hear everyone saying nothing is happening, and that nothing is improving. But are we really fully informed? Are our eyes and ears open? Regardless of how beautiful or handsome, there are some basic pillars of being glamorous in the world of showbiz. Every celebrity must have a makeup artist who can accent his or her beauty, a costume designer whose creations are not only unique and mesmerizing, but also made keeping in mind the curves, contours and overall body structure of the celebrity. And lastly, the celebrity needs a photographer with a keen eye for fashion to capture it all in a frame. Makeup artists, costume designers and photographers all feed off of the fame of the celebrity in the process. This is how celebrities set the trends of hairstyle, makeup and fashion, making everyone associated with making him or her more presentable more popular. The hairdos become the 'in-thing', the dresses become the new fad, and everybody wants a photo shoot with the photographer who took the shot of the celebrity on the cover of magazines. On the cover of today's Star Showbiz, is Afsan Bindu. You know Bindu, you've seen her in movies, TV dramas and in advertisements, but you've never seen her like this. What you see is not Bindu alone; her face carries the makeup art of Tilat Khair, her body is adorned by a unique costume designed by Nusrat Sharmin, and finally, capturing the beautiful Bindu in one frame, is glamour photographer Rafiqul Islam RAF. The last 2-3 years have seen promising growth in the industry, at least in terms of new faces of actors, and a lot of new films are expected to hit theatres this year. But if one follows the elements of success of how the glamour world operates - the cooperation and teamwork of these specialized individuals become evident. Actors, choreographers, makeup artists, designers and photographers must all develop their own unique niche expertise, and then bring their heads together to produce world class entertainment. We hope such a trend will soon be seen in the glamour world of Bangladesh as well.

Published: 12:00 am Saturday, February 08, 2014

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