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Rafi Hossain

After the death of Guru Azam Khan, a vacuum was created in the music scene – Who is the current Guru? There are many band musicians who have tried to occupy that position, and even lobbied within their own networks to attach the “Guru” prefix to their names. But such titles can only become real when it is assigned unanimously by fans and the audience. People calling Azam Khan as Guru did not happen in any other way than people thinking of him as a leader of music, and unanimously assigning the title Guru to his name. Azam Khan is a musical icon, a hero of music. Such Gurus are found in various sectors around the world, in music, movies, politics, arts, sports, etc – and these natural leaders lead by their very presence. They are distinct by their philosophy, by their style, personality and unwavering commitment to their art and cause. In most of the cases as well, these leaders have the qualities for others to look up to – they are good souls who do not participate in unnecessary politics. James has these qualities – and, although he has never called himself or asked anyone to call him Guru, more and more people are calling him Guru. Every day, we are seeing James being more and more being thought of as Guru of band music. There are many things without which a sector can never flourish, one of these pillars are leaders to look up to. If one thinks of stars of Bangladesh, James is one of them – a musical icon. He is known to be defined by his mood. By his demeanor. He has done it all, he has sung for albums, singles, Bangladeshi mainstream movies, advertisements and even Bollywood movies – and he has succeeded in all these spheres. But James is not defined by a musician who does it all whenever he is approached – what he agrees to be a part of is defined strictly by his own mood, thought and consideration. And although a true star like James definitely charges top dollar for his work, it does not mean you can get him to perform in anything you want just because you offer great money – it will always ultimately be his decision. And he will not explain himself to anyone, he will stand firm on what he feels and what he wants to do. And that unflinching personality is what turns stars into Gurus, into legends.


Published: 12:00 am Saturday, March 15, 2014

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