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Tomboy Alia Bhatt loves dressing up

Alia Bhatt, who made her Bollywood debut as the stylish girl Shanaya from the movie Student of The Year, will now be seen in a 'hatke', de-glam role in her next film Highway; opposite Randeep Hooda. Talking about her look in the film, she says “People were not really expecting something like this, and I get where they're coming from, because my first movie was so different from this. But I am happy that the response has been positive. These days it is very important for the first trailer to leave a mark on the audience, and the promo has managed to do just that. I knew I could pull off this de-glam look. I didn't have to worry about it. I enjoy dressing up, but not as much as Shanaya from SOTY. I am more tomboyish, more like Veera from Highway. And with this movie, it's not that I am trying to prove a point, I got the opportunity so I took it up. I genuinely enjoyed all the sleeping below trees, lying down on grass and eating at the dhabas.”


Bangla Bond is none other than our favourite action star, Ananta Jalil! To celebrate the new year, Star Cineplex at Bashundhara Shopping Mall organized a week long 'AJ Movie Week', from 27 December 2013 to 2 January 2014, featuring four of AJ's movies: 'Hridoy Bhanga Dheu', 'The Speed', 'Most Welcome', and 'Nisshartho Bhalobasha'. “This is a matter of pride for me since Star Cineplex organized a film week of a single actor for the first time,” says Ananta, who was there at Cineplex himself on Dec 29 to give his fans a chance to meet him. Although not included in Star Showbiz last week in the most talked about celebrities of 2013 (due to space constraints), no one can forget AJ's newest buzz phrase, “Oshombhov ke shombov korai Anantar kaj!”


GAL GADOT Too skinny to be  Wonder Woman?

Israeli actress Gal Gadot, who is set to star as Wonder Woman in the Man of Steel sequel titled Batman vs. Superman, has responded to fan accusations that she is too skinny for her part. Her casting in the film has disappointed comic book fans who have complained about her lack of curves, saying that Gadot appeared 'anorexic.' Gadot, has shot back saying 'I represent the Wonder Women of the new world.' While Gadot says that she will not gain weight for the role, she will gain muscle tone. She is set to start a very serious training regime which include Kung Fu, swords, jujitsu, and Brazilian kick boxing. This is the second fan disappointment evoked by casting by the Man of Steel sequel, the first being director Zach Snyder's decision to cast Ben Affleck as Batman. Batman vs Superman is currently in pre-production and is expected to hit theaters on July 17, 2015.


ARONNO Still got the blues

Aronno released their second album `Bhalobasa.com' last week under the banner of G-Series. Eminent musician Faisal Siddiqui Boggy officially unveiled the album at Russian Cultural Center Auditorium, who was accompanied by the Managing Director of G-Series, Nazmul Haque Bhuyan. Aronno started their journey in 1999, although their first album “Taar Chire Gaache” was released in 2007. The band currently has five members: Dipto (Vocal & Guitar), Nadim (Bass), Bikash & Mika (Drums & Percussion) and Tilok (Guitar). Composed over two years, the album is a bluesy & jazzy rock album with seven original songs, one 'Rabindra Sangeet' and one 'Nazrul Geeti'.

Oh no she didn't!

Don't worry; she did not actually shave her head! Jennifer Aniston's fans were left stunned the day before Christmas when a picture emerged of the actress which apparently showed her after shaving her head. Jennifer set the record straight by flashing her still full and glossy mane of hair while attending a festive meal with ‘Friends’ co-star Courtney Cox at the famous Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles on Christmas Eve. And the 44-year-old looks worlds apart from the image of herself which quickly went viral when it first emerged on a now-deleted Facebook page. In the shot, Jennifer is seen smiling for the camera while showing off her allegedly shorn new hairdo. However, just hours after the picture first made the rounds among fans, it was quickly revealed to be a fake. The original image showed Jennifer with long hair against a red backdrop at the 2006 premiere of her film 'Friends with Money'. With 2014 marking the 20th anniversary of the Friends TV show, let's hope Jennifer and Courtney has been scheming at the dinner about some kind of a 'Friends' comeback!

Divorce could cost HRITHIK Rs. 100 Crore!

If the news of Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne's split came as a rude shock to you, then here is something which might just blow your mind! There is a shocking twist to the not so happy ending 13-year long marriage. If the rumours are to go by, the couple who has been putting a brave face upfront is actually in middle of a very hush-hush settlement. According to a leading Indian daily, Sussanne Roshan has demanded a whopping 100 crores as divorce settlement from the actor husband. The grapevine also suggests that negotiations are going on full power between the lawyers of the same. A well-known source informed, “Sussanne has asked for an amount as alimony. She feels that she has given some of her best years to Hrithik and his family and Rs 100 crore is not a huge amount. Also, part of it will be used for their children's education and upbringing.” Hrithik Roshan had earlier issued an official statement to announce his separation from his wife. While many family members and friends still hope that reconciliation between the two is possible, with the recent turn of events it looks highly doubtful.

Jewel & Bipasha Aich spend a quiet Christmas

While we hear so much about how Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and the Kardashians spend their holiday season, how much do we really know about how our own celebs' celebrate Christmas? To fill you in, we went all 'TMZ' on Jewel Aichthis year. His lovely wife, Bipasha Aich, told us that their Christmas celebrations have been significantly toned down since their daughter grew up. When their daughter was small, they would have a Christmas tree, lights, knick-knacks and go all about of celebratory gifts to make the day as magical as possible for their little angel. But now they get some cakes and sweets for a quiet day in for the family. They send sweets to friends and family or go to visit close relatives. But they aren't very big on Christmas decorations anymore.


KEANU's big comeback is a CHRISTMAS box office dud

Keanu Reeves' action film 47 Ronin is set to earn the embarrassing title of the biggest box office duds of 2013! The big-budget piece nabbed a mere $7 million at the domestic box office and a worldwide haul of a measly $13.2 million. The film, which first opened in Japan to a paltry $1.3 million take, was damaged by poor reviews and bad buzz in addition to an out-of-control budget. Directed by commercial and music video guru Carl Rinsch in his feature film directorial debut, the Universal Picture's release was plagued with delays due to re-shoots, which included a complete revamping of the film's large action sequences. The production delays caused costs to skyrocket from its original budget of $175 million. According to many sources, the budget reached well above $200 million. If estimates are correct, 47 Ronin would need to bring in $500 million just to break even! Originally set for a November 21, 2012 release, 47 Ronin was pushed back to February 8 this year, to allow time for re-shoots and work on the visual effects before it was pushed back even further to its Christmas 2013 opening.

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