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From news presenter to heartthrob actress: Shobnom Bubly had an incredible career transformation in the span of only a few months. Although many imply that much of her success comes from her affiliation with Shakib Khan, she is more than ready to hold up on her own. With her new films 'Ohongkar' and 'Rongbaaj' released this Eid, she is soaring higher than ever. In this exclusive interview with Star Showbiz, Bubly bursts her bubble about her relationship with Shakib Khan, her upcoming plans and much more!

We often use the phrase “veni, vidi, vici” for someone like you, who saw as much success as you in such a short time. How did you manage to do that?
Thank you so much for your kind words. About success, I cannot judge for myself if I am successful or not, only the audience can do that. 
In last year's Eid, your films Bossgiri and Shooter were released almost simultaneously. Bossgiri was a huge hit, Shooter did well too. However, both your films were with Shakib Khan, as well as your current films. Why do you only work with Shakib Khan?
(Laughs) That's an interesting question. Everyone wants to do good work, and I am not an exception to that. I initially signed Bossgiri and Shooter with Shakib Khan, and it was a big achievement for me because he is undoubtedly one of the biggest stars in Dhaliwood. The two movies you mentioned were loved by the audience, and they really appreciated me and Shakib as a duo. However, it really doesn't mean that I am not going to work with anyone else, I have a long way to go as an actress and will definitely share the screen with someone new if I see good prospect in an offer. 
You have been subjected to many rumors, complications and speculations over the past few months over your relationship with Shakib Khan. How much of the rumors are true?
First of all, I'd like to say that when it comes to pairings in films, people love to speculate that two people are “together” because they are paired in back-to-back films. When the fans accept two people as an on-screen couple, there are naturally rumors about their real-life activities as well. Of course, that means that our pairing is successful as people are at least thinking about us. To be honest, I'm quite enjoying it. 
But isn't it possible that among the rumors, two people might really start liking each other after fans speculating so many things? We are humans after all, and it is natural to start having feelings for someone who you've worked with for quite a while.
Well, this is the beauty of it. People think in that way because it is quite fun to ship someone off with another. But if I start doing back-to-back films with another actor, people might as well start contemplating that something is going on between us as well. The same goes for Shakib. If he introduces a new actress and does a few films with her, more rumors will surface. I think we should take it very normally. 

So you're declaring here that there has not been anything romantic between you and Shakib Khan? 

No. We are colleagues and good friends. He is a great actor and I respect him a lot. I have faced a lot of struggles professionally because of this rumor, and I just want to concentrate on my work right now. 
So are you planning to do films with new actors/directors now? 
I am getting offers from different fronts, and I am grateful that they envisioned me in their films. However, I am being very careful when it comes to the steps I take; and I will do films which uphold the quality that I'm looking for. Quality over quantity for me. 
You went from being a news presenter to being a well-known actress in Dhaliwood. How did your family take it? 
Not very well at all. At first, I was afraid to tell my family when I got my first offer. When I did, they did not want me to act in films. My sisters and brother-in-laws were especially against it. When I got around to actually doing the film, they stopped talking to me. However, it has become normal now, since they have realized that I do selected films in decent shooting environments. However, the struggle to convince my family was real. The thing is, there is good and bad in every profession, but it depends on you how you look at it.
What advice would you give to a newcomer who is looking to join the industry?
Even though I do not think I am someone who is capable enough to give advice on acting, I would urge newcomers and their families to come out of the stigma about the Bangladeshi film industry. A lot of good work is being done now. Also, it is never easy. Even though I started off with one of the best actors, there were a lot of expectations that I had to live up to. People would often look at me and judge if this particular newcomer is good enough to act with the likes of Shakib Khan. In the end, it is only your talent and determination that will help you survive in this industry.
Interviewed by Rafi Hossain 

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