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By Sabrina Mehek

The name 'Black' is synonymous to the band culture of Bangladesh and the underground music scene – they've been around for 16 years; and although Black has had to reinvent themselves over time as their lineup changed, till today, Black stands strong as one of the bands with the 'new sound' which emerged from the underground. Once again, they are set to bring a new wave with their upcoming album.

Black Through the Years

1998-99: Black took flight as a band with three childhood friends, Jon Kabir (vocal and guitar), Mushfeque Jahan (lead guitar) and Tony Vincent (drums), along with Asif Haque (additional guitar) and Tamzid Siddiq Spondon (bass) joined their talents together. Both the latter ones left soon and Miraz joined as the bassist.
2000: Tahsan Rahman Khan joined as a vocalist and keyboardist, and the first song of the band was released in Isha Khan Duray's band compilation album "Chharpotro”.
2001: They released their first studio album "Amar Prithibi" which included hit tracks like "Amra", "Amar Prithibi", "Kobor", "Ondhokarer Psahe", "Obhimaan" and "Kothay"
2002-03: Black's 2nd album "Utshober Por" was released which featured the radio-hit "Shloak"
2004-06: The band members were casted in the telefilm "Offbeat", its soundtrack was composed and performed by them along with Arnob. But in 2005, following the unfortunate departure of prominent sound engineer and lyricist Imran Ahmed Choudhury Mobin and major health issues of Miraz caused by the same road accident, Black went on a break. Meanwhile, Tahsan left the band.
2008: The 3rd album "Abar" was released. It was one of the most commercially successful band albums of the Bangladesh music industry.
2010: Bassist Shahriar Sagar left the band and Rafi Hasan Titu joined.
2011: "Black" was released, soon after which Jon took an indefinite break.
Black Now

Since then Black tried to work with new vocalists and finally found the right match: Ashifur Rahman Chowdhury, in 2013. And with him as the lead vocalist, guitarist and song-writer, they are recording their 5th studio album. The current lineup includes Ashifur, Jahan, Tony and a guest bassist, Charles Francis. So, how was it to be a part of Black for Ashifur? "Not easy,” says the man, “Jon had been the vocalist for around 14 years; he had a very strong bond with the fans. A mindset was already there regarding how this new guy will maintain the standard of Black. But again, 'fortune favors the bold'. And it is for fans to say whether I am worthy or not". And things started to work out as the live performances started taking place. The more Black started performing with their new vocalist, the more the audience loved them. Black has now regained the trust and the exposure of their fans; giving them the confidence to embark upon the journey of their new album. Set to be released in 2014, the new album promises to stay true to their origins. Black claims to be highly influenced by Sting, U2, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Stereophonics. Their new album will be a "straight" rock album, with a few psychedelic kinks here and there.

And the lyrics will explore some different perspectives as well. "It's hard to play with words the way Imon (Zubair Hossain) did", says Ashifur. According to the band, this album will have inspiring lyrics which will carry strong messages. Lyrics-wise, it will have the touch of Bob Marley's songs: bold and rebellious. The band has already selected 6 songs for the album which are: "Kar jonno", "Dhaka", "Omor", "Nisshongo Shomoy" and "Chhaya". There are 18 songs on the list and they are performing them again and again to select the best ones. A total of 10-12 songs will be in the album. Recording has already started.
Recently, a video of their new album preparation and jamming was made by Ashif Ridwan and it was shared on Black's official FB page. Black is going to perform several live shows throughout February, and they have already performed "Kar jonno" and "Dhaka" in different concerts and the former one, a love-song, has acclaimed huge response from the audience. To get updates of the band, fans should connect with them on facebook (search with 'Black Bangladeshi Band') and subscribe to their YouTube page at: www.youtube.com/yourblacktube. Black is set to re-discover themselves once again through their new album, bringing back the original hype and restoring the 'Black' era with a blend of the original sound with the new influences. One generation grew up listening to them, and it's time for the new one to meet the new Black!


Published: 12:00 am Saturday, February 15, 2014

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