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Farzana Munny
Tuhin Hossain
Source: Tuhin Hossain

With an ever-increasing number of 'superstars' in Bangladesh, the competition to reach the top and retain the celebrity status has never been more cut-throat! This year, we spotted the stars whose choice of looks and sense of fashion shone brighter than the rest. We spoke to beauty expert and stylist Farzana Munny, about some of these stars and why she thinks their looks in 2013 was worth drooling over.

By Sadia Khalid


Why Him: I think he has the prospect to be a style icon. He has the height and ripped body for it. If he would use the help of an expert with his choice of clothes, accessories and make-up, he could potentially parallel some international stars.
Makeup: He sometimes needs to put on some makeup to match his character, the background, the lighting and the story, since he is an actor as well. Boys of our country never look good in bright make up. A little fake tan would make him look manlier.
Hair: He used to have longer hair. But now his short and spiked hair suits him well. I like that he surprises us with a different hairdo every once in a while.
Style: Shuvo has his own fixed personal stylist who does his make-up and hair. However, I think it is important for any on-screen personality to experiment with his looks. Shuvo has reached a level of popularity where his image has been well-established. Now it's high time for him to experiment. Shuvo is the perfect blend of casual and playful to be a heartthrob for the average female viewers of this subcontinent. Nevertheless, he can easily expand his fan-base with a little expert advice on styling anytime. 


Tuhin Hossain
Source: Tuhin Hossain


Why Her: In my opinion, Jaya deserves to be on the top of this list, as she has put in a great deal of effort to successfully represent her country at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. She also stood out in her appearances in all the events and award shows this year.
Makeup: She doesn't need a lot of makeup. She looks classy in light makeup with dark eye shadows and light shades of lipstick.
Hair: I prefer it when she wears her hair down to when she wears it in a tight bun. The natural black colour of her hair suits her perfectly well. I would like to see her hair grow a little longer with an edgier haircut; maybe a step volume layer with side bangs some time in the future.
Style: She has great skin, height and figure, and I think she looks best in a 'saree'. She stands out in fluorescent pink, baby pink, peach, golden, Caribbean blue and such softer colours, as her skin tone is very fair. She is the natural 'pretty woman', who can pull off any look for the sake of the characters she plays as an actor.


Rong/ Shafawat Shafu
Source: Rong/ Shafawat Shafu


Why Her: When I think of Mou, the first thing that comes to my mind is that this girl has amazing height, curvaceous structure, beautiful eyes, sharp nose and the perfect sun-kissed skin tone. She is the ideal Bengali beauty, as if the fantasies of poets of a thousand years have materialized through her in flesh and blood. In 2013, she bedazzled us all with her astonishing comeback in a range of billboards and advertisements. I'm sure her comeback truly inspired a lot of us.
Makeup: She doesn't go overboard with makeup. She looks great with heavy mascara, and her eye-shadow doesn't need to be overly dark, just a light hint of blended shade does the work.
Hair: She looks good in her natural hair colour, since her hair is naturally beautiful. I like her hair pulled up in a bun, as it reveals her beautiful jawline, cheek bone and her shapely shoulders.
Style: She has a mysterious look in her expressions and I think our traditional dresses suit her more than western clothes. She has a good sense of what to wear for which occasion. She has maintained her style and body astoundingly well in her unnaturally long career as one of the top models of Bangladesh.


Shahrear Kabir Heemel
Source: Shahrear Kabir Heemel


Why Her: Shampa Reza is a stylist's dream-come-true. She completely surrenders herself to the expert, and knows how important it is to trust your stylist. She is ready to experiment with any style. It is unfortunate that we don't have more stars who possess that kind of boldness and elegance. To me, she is a world-class example of graceful aging. Thanks to Star Showbiz, we got to see a whole new side of her this year.
Makeup: Like her body, her skin is also very well-maintained. However, with age and pollution and the added pressure of an ethereal on-screen presence, she does need to put on some 'concealer' to conceal wrinkles to some extent. A lot of celebrities use 'Botox' at her age. I have nothing against 'Botox', but I think a good anti-aging facial once a month is more than enough for her.
Hair: I love the fact that she doesn't color her hair. She lets her 'greys' declare her age while her body looks deceivingly young. We are all too keen to hide all signs of aging, but it takes a brave soul to embrace it; especially in the case of an actor. I don't think she ever needs to colour her hair as long as she can carry her grey hair with such sophistication.  
Style: She has a toned sleek figure with height that can be draped in any fashion- western, eastern or fusion. She also has a chiseled face that looks pretty in any dress.

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