• Saturday, January 31, 2015



Rafi Hossain

We can say that Apurbo has begun the second innings of his career. To err is human. And we all make mistakes in our lives from which we learn and grow. But, sometimes these mistakes amount to massive problems, and we pay through our teeth in the process of sorting ourselves out. Apurbo has gone through such a phase. We are not here to analyze who did what and who made which mistakes. That's not what today's Star Showbiz issue is about. Today's issue is about Apurbo's rebirth as a showbiz personality. Going through that phase, Apurbo wasn't sure whether he should return to the world of acting or not. He needed a break. And now that he has returned, and also now that his career is growing, he realizes the importance of family - because it was only through the love and support of family that he could find his way back to emotional and professional stability. Perhaps we don't realize the importance of our closed ones, our family, before we go through something so traumatic. And the same is true for Apurbo, who has realized how important his family is to him, because it is the shoulders of his family on which he leaned when he needed support. And he is also grateful to his wife who reflects the same mentality as the rest of his family. Without this soundness in family life, for most people, it is difficult to maintain a steady and sound professional life – regardless of career. When speaking to Apurbo, one thing he said really struck a chord in my mind. He told me that if one understands his own mistakes, and accepts it, only then can he find a way to resolve the situation he is in. By trying to hide mistakes and not accepting one's own fault in it, he only makes the problem more complicated and life becomes hell. And I agree with him completely. And Apurbo feels that it is because of his transparency and honest acceptance of his own mistakes that he has been able to return to public life and to acting. Apurbo is not just acting on television; we will soon see him in films. At the end of the day, what we leave behind are our best works – and our best work will never come out if our minds are troubled by our past and by problems in our personal life which hold us back. Now that Apurbo has re-invented himself as an actor, I believe we are yet to see his best work.


Published: 12:00 am Saturday, March 29, 2014

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