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Rafi Hossain

Almost two decades ago, I had read in the Prothom Alo newspaper that Aupi Karim, Ahmed Rubel and Rafi Hossain were the prominent actors of that year. It was Sara Zaker who had said this, and the newspaper was quoting her. I had grown up watching Sara Zaker's acting on stage and on television and in some films, so one can imagine how happy I felt when I read this in the newspaper! She was such an icon to me. What I always noticed about her was her strong personality, how she carried herself, how smart and fashionable she was (she is my style icon!) and how she delivered her dialogues. I became a fan early on and was immensely fond of her – but at the same time, I was somewhat intimidated by her. When I first saw her in the theatre, I was a child actor myself, I didn't initially have the courage to walk up to her and start talking. Over time, we became close associates, and even neighbor at point! So I have had the chance to really know her well over the years. I have also had the privilege to see her as a mother and what I saw was quite surprising. Unlike most people in the media who find it very difficult to balance their demanding work life and family, Sara Zaker was an exception. She always had time for her children and maybe that is one of the reasons why both her son and daughter have been so diligent and successful on their own fronts, starting with their education. In front of the camera, she was the celebrity who the country rejoiced but as she walked through the doors of her home, she left it all outside. At home, she was the loving mother of every Bangladeshi family, eager to tend to her children, worried about their every move, and creating the right nurturing environment in which they could learn and grow into full human beings. And she is so more than just media personality; she is also a businesswoman; and she has always been actively working and successfully so. It's such a mystery how she does it! Balance her many lives with such finesse! I am truly at awe at this mystery – and I doubt I will ever know her secret. If you ask her she will say she could do it only because of her family and how supportive everyone is in it. She is the living proof that it is indeed possible – to balance so many parts of one's life successfully, while working through the innumerable obstacle and complicacies that comes with the territory. And above all, I've seen her never to neglect her role of being a mother, and on this Mother's Day issue of Star Showbiz, we would really like to find out more about Sara Zaker, but most of all, about her being a mother.
Star Showbiz wishes Sara Zaker and all mothers of Bangladesh a very happy Mother's Day.


Published: 12:00 am Saturday, May 10, 2014

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