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Customer care is your friend. A lot of people don't contact customer care. But sometimes they need to. And when that time comes, they'll either be glad for it, or they'll switch brands. One of my old teachers uses Symphony for the sole reason that they apparently have good customer care. (I did not get paid to write that.)
The best thing customer care can do in any situation is to give you a definitive response and not have you chasing your own tail round and round in circles. It would be great if your product wasn't rubbish that keeps breaking down to begin with, but that's not what's up for judgement here. Customer care, from the producer's point of view is compensation, and from the consumer's point of view is compromise. Another great way to compensate would be by giving gift/discount cards to people who've purchased your faulty products, after fixing whatever mistake it is you gave them.
Here are a few customer care responses you'll want to hear compared to ones you don't want to hear.

I can't activate Something Software.
Good CC response:
Untick 'something option' in the installation process and Bob's your uncle.
Bad CC response:
Uh, no hablo Inglés. Lo siento.

I'm not getting a net connection.
Good CC response: We'll send someone over to run diagnostics.
OR: Our server is down. It will be online in two to three hours.
Bad CC response: Did you try turning it off and on again? Or moving it around the room?

There's an addition mistake on this receipt.
Good CC response: Please bring the receipt to our nearest outlet and you'll be given a refund.
Bad CC response: All our numbers are done by computer. Is not possible, señor.

I know a helpline like this doesn't exist, but if it did…

This personal hygiene product isn't attracting members of the opposite sex in droves, HELP ME!
Good CC response: Our deodorants are not a substitute for showers. Take a bath, hippie!
Bad CC response: Maybe you should also wear a Hawaiian shirt with the top buttons open.

 These jeans I bought are too tight.
Good CC response: If it has been less than a week since your purchase, then our return policy should cover you.
Bad CC response: Je ne parle pas anglais. Omlette du fromage, d'accord?

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