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TIMETABLE: Keep Track of Your Class Schedules

Arman R. Khan

For those like me who forget their class schedules on a regular basis, Timetable is a useful app available in Google Play for free. The purpose of this app is to help you navigate through your school or university life without the hassle of ever forgetting your class timings.
Using this app, you can save your class schedule, venue of the classes, course titles, subject types and names of the teachers. Enter your assignments/tasks and the due dates, your exam dates, and holiday dates; the app will help you remember those. It has the option to remind you about your classes or tasks at any prior time (customisable). All you have to do is enter the timings and tasks once, and it will sync across all your Android devices.
A great feature of this app is the auto mute option. I am one who frequently forgets to put the cell phone in the silent mode before entering classes. If you select the option, this app will put your phone/tab in silent or vibration mode during your class times.
Timetable comes with some very handy widgets, the theme of which is customisable. You can highlight each course in different colours so that you can easily find them in the week-view or day-view mode, as per your wish. You can choose the first day of the week and the cycle in which you want the timetable to be repeated. Moreover, you can customise the length of the classes and duration of the breaks.
There are some limitations of this app. One common complaint is that it doesn't sync with Google Calendar. It also does not take into account meetings or appointments, for which users may have to look for a different app.
Developed by Gabriel Ittner, Timetable has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 in Google Play, and is only 2.15 MB in size. Over 10,000 people +1'd this on Google+. It can also be used in quite a few languages other than English. A simple scroll down its reviews on Google Play shows how much the users have come to like this app. Timetable may not be the best app out there for managing your schedule, but it can surely help you a great deal remembering your class and exam timings and due assignments.

Published: 12:00 am Sunday, February 16, 2014

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