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Salma Mohammad Ali

For readers who find reality inadequate and wish to delve into fantasy or adventure, The Kane Chronicles is a perfect choice. The trilogy is written by Rick Riordan, the best-selling author of The Percy Jackson series.  The Kane Chronicles takes readers into a magical world of Ancient Egyptian mythology.
The first volume of The Kane Chronicles -- The Red Pyramid has two protagonists – siblings Carter Kane, 14 and Sadie Kane, 12. They are connected to Ancient Egypt in a way they could have never imagined. When Sadie and Carter visit the London Museum with their father, their lives change forever.
The stand out feature of The Kane Chronicles is that it is written as an audio recording. Carter and Sadie alternately narrate the story in the form of a recording. It is hard to not admire the witty personalities of the duo. The petty sibling arguments we are all familiar with are also present in this book. While the book contains intense battle scenes and life-threatening situations, Rick Riordan also provides readers with some comic relief, usually in the form of a joke by either narrator.
The overall plot is about embarking on Mythological quests and stumbling upon legendary creatures and Ancient Egyptian Gods. Since the language used is fairly easy, it can be read by readers of all ages. However teens or pre-teens will enjoy it more. It is a very interesting book and one may easily become attached to the characters. The best thing about it is that it is not possible for readers to get bored. The Kane Chronicles is a 'must read' for people with a budding interest in Egypt and/or mythology.
I was at first, before reading the books, skeptical about Rick Riordan combining contemporary world characters with Ancient Egypt but the story definitely satisfied. The outstanding plot and sardonic tone used were my favorite things about The Kane Chronicles.
If readers enjoy The Red Pyramid (which is very likely to happen), they should move on to the second volume: The Throne of Fire and the third one: The Serpent's Shadow. If The Kane Chronicles leaves Rick Riordan's fans wanting even more, they should try The Son of Sobek, (a companion book of The Kane Chronicles) a short story in which Egyptian Mythology combines with Greek Mythology; Carter Kane meets Percy Jackson.

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