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Shahrukh Ikhtear

“I remember the first time I started playing ranked. I had a limited champion pool. I only learned to decently play one role: jungle. I picked Lee Sin and started the game normally by clearing my buffs, hitting level 3 and looking into ganking a lane. Pretty soon I heard the chilling announcement of “First Blood”. I gulped and my hands became stiff. The mere voice of the announcer saying my teammate has died was enough to shatter my confidence into little pieces. It reflected on my performance for the rest of the game as I failed most of my ganks, failed smite numerous times and kicked opponents away to safety. My high expectations were shattered. I felt debilitated. The next games were no strolls in the park either. Luckily I managed to win 4 out of 10 of my placement matches and got placed in silver V but deep down I knew I could have done much better.”

This is exactly the type of player who is not ready for ranked. He is emotionally weak. He is also restricted by his own limitations. Being someone like this can lead to the match being lost in champion select if this said player cannot attain his role and champion. The key to winning ranked is versatility. I always encourage newer players to learn to play all roles at a decent level and keeping two roles as their best. A champion pool of 3 champions per role is enough to avoid any troublesome situations that may arise out of bans and picks. Surely learning this many champions will be time consuming but it is quintessential in succeeding in ranked. Having one or two main champion(s) which you can play like a beast is okay. But you need to make sure you absolutely dominate the opposition with that champion. Otherwise there is no point in having a “main”.  Know this, even though you might try to learn 5 roles, there will always be one or two roles which you will NOT want to play at all.

Another thing that is to be pointed out is the emotional instability that newer players show when they play ranked. Whenever they hear that their teammate has given First Blood they start panicking and lose concentration on the game. Then he thinks “This game is gone, I can't win this”. This is exactly how you should NOT be in game. Always be optimistic. Ignore all the “First Blood” announcements because they do not mean anything. Do not fret if that Kha'Zix got a double kill at bot. You might end up owning his hindquarters in the late game when he goes to kill your AD carry. Bottom line: Never lose hope on a game. Every game is winnable. Even the ones in which you get destroyed. Trust me; I've won a lot of those games myself.

Now on to how you should behave in ranked games. Always obey the pick order in champion select. Call order is for blind pick normal games. This is ranked. The pick order is how Riot makes it fair for all people to play their favored roles in a fair amount of games. Also, be friendly. If someone calls you a “noob scrub”, do not answer and just keep playing. If he keeps insulting you frequently, use the mute button. If someone repeatedly dies just tell them to play safe and farm. If he keeps on dying just ignore him and play on or try to help him in some way if you can.

So I hope you guys learned some valuable lessons from this article. Be sure to prepare yourselves well before diving into ranked and you'll be in your desired division in no time. Another thing to boost your confidence: that player in the beginning was actually me in season 2. After that I learned all these lessons, started climbing and finished last season in Platinum Division 5.

See you on the Fields of Justice, summoner!
The writer is the admin of League of Legends Bangladesh Community.

Published: 12:00 am Thursday, August 14, 2014

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