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Rumman R Kalam

"I was speaking to Sean Lennon and he told me I sound like his dad," says Kevin Parker, frontman of the band Tame Impala.
That's high accolade coming from the son of John Lennon. And it would be hard to find someone who disagrees with the statement, apart from Kevin Parker, who hates being compared to Lennon for some reason. Tame Impala is a project of Kevin Parker who composes the music entirely by himself. From vocal takes, to producing, to the guitar solos -- most of the work is done by this one man. If he had his way, he'd be playing the music by himself live too. With Cam Avery on bass, Jay Watson on synth, Julien Barbagallo on drums, Dominic Simper on guitar and synth and finally, Kevin Parker on everything, the entire band [bar Kevin] only perform live. The rest of the members don't contribute to the studio sessions.

Tame Impala could be described as a psychedelic groove rock band. The use of fuzzy distorted guitar tones, the trademark Höfner Beatle bass, and synths make Tame Impala the perfect psychedelic band of their generation. The trippy music often emphasises on the bass guitar and I focus on the bass not because I'm a bassist but due to the fact that the bass will be the first thing you notice. And yes, the bass is more prominent than the vocal line at times. Kevin Parker's vocal style matches John Lennon's in a lot of ways. Except for the part where Kevin's vocals are turned down and dispersed all over the music to give a floating feel. Tame Impala makes the perfect sleep music and not in a post-rock sort of way either, it's much livelier than that.
If you're looking to get right into Tame Impala, “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards” would be a good song as it emphasises what Tame Impala is all about. “Music to Walk Home By” is another track that should definitely be on your playlist. Mind you, it takes some time to get into the band. Go on, give them a chance. 

Published: 12:00 am Sunday, January 19, 2014

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