• Sunday, March 01, 2015

Squad Depth: The Deciding Factor

Faisal Moarafur Rasul

Manchester City's victory over Chelsea in the FA cup proves that squad depth is as important in the EPL as any other European league. In England, players usually have to play two games each week and sometimes three matches in eight days which is quite demanding and not to mention they don't have any winter break, instead they have additional three matches to play.
Mourinho bagged seven wins against Pellegrini in their previous eight meetings which include two back-to-back Premier League wins this season. Tactically he's always been great and is known for his ability to read a game but even he failed to come up with a solution over Pellegrini's Man City, the team that won the FA Cup clash at Etihad.

Now if we just look back a bit and see what happened, then we realise how important it is to have such depth in the squad like City does. Before yesterday, City played just a match against Chelsea and lost at home ending their 61 matches run of scoring goal at home first time since November 2010. During midweek, City's match against Sunderland got called off because of the severe weather but on the other side, Chelsea had to play against West Brom Albion, ending the match with a 1-1 draw which was a blow for them. Compared to Chelsea's four, City has four world class strikers. None of the Blues strikers are in-form like City's strike trio Aguero, Dzeko and Negredo. Aguero was out for month with a cuff injury and Álvaro Negrado had to fully recover before Saturday's FA cup clash, more importantly Nasri was back against Chelsea after being out for a month with injury. But here, Chelsea suffered immensely because they had to play their top players even after the midweek league match. Compared to City, Chelsea didn't have a second-string that could easily replace the first team in times of crisis. Pellegrini capitalised on the situation especially after his team's earlier defeat against Chelsea, he recovered well and learned from his mistakes. The reality is that the depth of a well-used quality squad can always make a difference in the English league.

Published: 12:00 am Sunday, February 23, 2014

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