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"PC master race is a lie we tell ourselves so we don't have to cry ourselves to sleep every night."
- Shefali the German Shefath

Ask any dweller and he will smugly tell you the list of games currently available on the new consoles is… lacking. True, but big titles are set for release. Having a nice computer will give you perks like better FPS and whatnot but here are some fancy games you won't be running without a console like…

Hyrule Warriors
Platforms: Wii U
Release Date: September 2014

Hyrule Warriors, the latest in the Zelda series, a Warriors spinoff will have a roster of playable characters several of whom have already been announced. Both of these series are formulaic but if you put them together, I don't know what to expect. Part of the game's success will hinge on whether it can attract player's who've spent a lot of time in playing a Warriors game already. I'm also curious as to which company will take the helm here with this project, Capcom or Koei. Hopefully, HW will provide something none of the other Warriors games have offered, thereby also providing a good reason to play this.

Kingdom Hearts III
Platforms: X-Bone, PS4
Release Date: TBA

Kingdom Hearts is an open world(s) RPG collaboration between Disney and Square Enix. This game, purportedly the third in the series, already has seven prequels. You read that right, seven. And that's without taking into account the MMO or remakes. These prequels are spread out over five platforms but don't worry. If you want to do some catching up before playing KH3 then there are the HD Remix Mix games (1.5 and 2.5) on PS3. You'd still need to get a 3DS to play Dream Drop Distance, the latest in the series. The gameplay video for KH3 has been released and the graphics look like something taken out of a cinematic scene from the previous games.

Halo 5: Guardians
Platforms: X-Bone
Release Date: Second half 2015

For those who don't know, Halo is a sci-fi first person shooter. Nothing much is known about the new instalment at this point other than the fact that this game is the driving force behind 90% of XboxOne sales. As such, it won't be available on the 360 or on Windows.

Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem
Platforms: Wii U
Release Date: TBA

This game is still at the stage where it could get cancelled and all that would remain of it is a video on YouTube which is supposed to be some sort of 'trailer' but is essentially a fricking slideshow. FE is a turn-based strategy RPG and SMT games are JRPGs but with SMTxFE nobody knows what to expect, except they all expect something big. I've played a few FE games and one SMT game and I must say, the prospect of a crossover is thrilling.
As the title suggests, this article is incomplete. These are only some of the games to look forward to in the next generation of console gaming. You can expect to read about the rest of them in another issue.

*The next part will be published on 11 September, 2014.

Published: 12:00 am Thursday, August 28, 2014

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