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Rating: 3/5 (#3scary5me)
Rating: 3/5 (#3scary5me)

Platforms: Windows, PS4, X1
Outlast is a survival horror game from Red Barrels, a new independent company with founders who've worked on games like Assassin's Creed, Prince of Persia, Uncharted and Splinter Cell.
In Outlast, you play as an investigative reporter who is following a tip concerning not-so-legal, not-so-ethical activities in his friendly neighbourhood mental asylum. After a drive through a dark forest, you finally arrive there. There is no one at the gate. The front doors are locked with police vans outside, but you don't hear a soul. You find other means to let yourself into the building and the investigation begins.
And wouldn't you know it—the homicidal patients have all escaped. Darn. There's additional DLC for Outlast titled Whistleblower which covers events before and after the main plotline.
In your arsenal you have a variety of no weapons. All you can do against the loons, your would-be killers, is to run and/or hide from them. You've got a journal where you keep your notes and any documents you find lying around. You've got a camera which allows you to zoom in and out and survey the dark using night vision. You need batteries for night vision though.
The music in Outlast builds tension and apprehension, like in those shock horror films. The heavy breathing of your character helps to bring the situation on your screen to life. The scariest part is waiting to be scared and Red Barrels knows it. Your vision (what you see on the screen) is already slightly unsteady, so it doesn't help if your hand holding the mouse is already shaking from fear. The graphics are quite good however the same amount of attention to detail isn't paid everywhere. Severed human heads look sharp even when zoomed in on while fountain tiles don't. It's something to note but not a deterrent. Enjoy.
Verdict: I stopped playing this game after half an hour.

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