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Inma Sumaita Rahman

The urban dictionary says guilty pleasures are those things we shouldn't like, but we like them any way; the things we hate to love.
Now for TV shows, I know there are plenty of proud fans religiously posting about “Breaking Bad” and “Entourage”. But I think posts by “One Tree Hill” fans are understated by at least 80 percent, I kid you not. You can easily tell a Team Nathan from Team Lucas by asking about their take on relationships. Or preference in hair colour, of course.
As much as you cringe at it in public, you know this show has helped you make at least four playlists to dedicate to your significant other -- ranging from when you're expressing happy pure mush feelings to when they dump you and you feel like songs will win them back (they won't).
Most of the cast is ridiculously good looking and that's always a reason to watch. On sad days, I like to watch good looking people on TV and recognise the fact that I will never look like them. The relationship dynamics can't help but make your mess-ups look better. At least you're not dating your friend's mom or killing your own brother or marrying your son's ex-girlfriend... I could go on. There's also this five-year-old spitting out wisdom on relationships. I remember eating my own booger at that age. You can't help but wonder, “Where is he getting all these feelings from? And why is he not demanding a new box of crayons every two days? Where are those scenes?”

I swear it's ridiculous and I love it.
The show takes unrealistic turn of events to an entirely new level. Everyone dates everyone and they're one big happy family while doing so. It could really make you reflect upon life when you're not having the best of days.
The emotional speeches can be great to use on fifty different people since they're mostly generic and deserve to be recycled.
Whether you're emo, jock, nerd, queen bee or student council president, you will find one character in this show that you will unrealistically relate yourself to (unrealistically because you'll NEVER look that good) and watch them crash and burn and then rise up from the ashes to attain fame and fortune.
Bring out the tissue boxes and let the self-loathing begin.

Published: 12:00 am Thursday, January 09, 2014

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