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Metal Gear Rising REVENGEANCE

Sheikh Shefath Saadman

Metal Gear Rising : Revengeance is a fine hack and slash game developed by Platinum Games, the prodigal team behind the creation of Bayonetta. MGRR is basically an action-based spin-off of Konami's Metal Gear Solid series. Hopefully for PC gamers, being informed about the series isn't quite necessary to reap the rewards of this epic title.
The player takes up the role of Raiden, a brutal katana wielding cyborg with little compassion for his enemies. Wielding a sword tailored to his preferences, Raiden cuts through his enemies like knife through butter. He's also known as “Jack the Ripper” due to his regretful past. Raiden is a known protagonist of MGS2 but that is a different chapter altogether, considering the fact MGRR is a spin-off.
The game takes place in a world where Cybernetics is the norm and almost all the characters you encounter are in one way or another “cybernetically enhanced”, Raiden being the prime example of such enhancements. These artificial modifications render him immune to a lot of things and at the same time enable him to perform whirling moves, dervish of parries and countless combos. His companion is a High Frequency Blade which can cut through any obstacle that dare block his way. In the game Raiden is up against a secret war profiteer organization that is engaged in human trafficking and other sinister activities. They draw Raiden's attention by assassinating an African prime minister whose protection was on his hands. The backstory doesn't quite revolve around Raiden, he just happened to be in the wrong place at the right time. An unfortunate turn of events for the assassins, one must say.
The combat system is very simple yet intriguing because there is absolutely no need to memorise hundreds of combos. The system allows you to perform light and heavy attacks with the respective mouse buttons (PC). The core fighting element lies in parrying, it enables you to block and (if perfectly timed) counter an enemy's attack. The cool thing about parrying is you can parry almost any sort of melee attack, parrying is a key game mechanic if one wishes to get higher ranks in boss fights. The wow factor of the gameplay lies in “Blade Mode”, which allows Raiden to slice up almost anything to millions of bits using both horizontal and vertical slices, it slows time down and allows you to grab your enemies' spine from which energy and health is restored. One is required to do this at least a million times in the game and trust me it never gets old.   
MGRR features amazing cinematics that do a very good job at storytelling, not to mention the game has QTEs (Quick Time Events) that rival the likes of Prince of Persia and Devil May Cry.  Jumping from factory rooftops while engaging in immense sword fights, tangoing across missiles while battling a giant mech and of course, parrying the attacks of 100-feet-tall robots, countering it by grabbing its hands and whirling it upwards in the air only for some nice slicing and dicing. This game has more adrenaline than a pubescent Spiderman on his first date.
As if that wasn't enough, MGRR also comes packed with an awesome soundtrack. The game's score was composed by Jamie Christopherson. Since it's not a stealth game like the previous MGS titles, the music is heavy and fast hence syncing perfectly with the action sequences that appear on screen. I'd suggest giving “Rules of Nature” a listen.
Rising is indeed a nice addition to the PC dynasty. Though the port is somewhat locked to 60fps, you simply cannot complain how well the overall controls are synced with the relatively different platform. Fortunately the PC port lacks input lag formerly seen in the recent PC version of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, which is a sigh of relief to be perfectly honest. Besides running on the 360 and PS3, it'll run on any low-mid end PC.

Suffice to say, Metal Gear Rising Revengeance is hack and slash done right and sweet. It gives an experience never seen before and will obviously leave you wanting for more. Spin offs rarely do well; MGRR may be one of the first titles to debunk the myth.

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