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Marksmen 101

Shahrukh Ikhtear

The marksmen (or ranged Attack Damage Carries, if you will) of League of Legends have played an integral role in shaping the game since its inception. They are among the highest damage dealers in late game and their snowballing quickly spirals out of control with farm and kills. Thus they have sculpted and given rise to myriad team compositions and playstyles. However, a marksman player (or ADC) must possess good mechanics, position sense, last-hitting skills and synergy with his support. He cannot be solely reliant on his team for keeping him safe. He must understand his importance in the game and be completely realistic about his vulnerability. In this article I will expand on the basics of playing marksmen and, hopefully, help you become a better ADC player.
Learn to trust your support. I know these words must seem hard to follow if your support is a complete nooblet who goes and feeds the enemy adc but still try to help him do his job better. Flaming gets you nowhere and you must try to build teamwork with him so that you can trade with your enemy. You CAN NOT out trade a bot lane duo 2v1. It's impossible. So just…don't blame your support. Try to read his actions and adjust your playstyle to better fit his. If he goes in aggressively, follow him and attack. If he's playing passively, do the same.
You should take great care about your summoner spells. Don't use them too early or too late. Take note of their cooldowns. Is your flash up? Good, then maybe you can juke that assassin that has a high cooldown gap closer if he tries to jump you. Is it NOT up? Then stay the hell back behind your support or your tank. Is your heal up? Good. Go duel that squishy target and bait him with your heal. Is it down? Don't even think about angering that fed Kha'Zix. He will pretty much tear you to a gazillion pieces….on second thought, don't anger him even if your heal is up. Do NOT use flash until you actually KNOW that the enemy has used THEIR gap closer to reach you.
Another important thing is kiting. Kiting basically involves auto attacking and then moving away from the enemy really quickly. When you kite a melee champion, what you basically do is take advantage of your range so that you can land free hits while they are trying to get into melee range of you. Ashe, with her built-in perma slow can pretty much kite any melee character with unreliable gap closers to hell. The slow makes sure that the melee champion doesn't ever reach you and you get to continue to land even more free hits. This is why marksmen must look to take the red buff whenever they can as it gives you a slow with your auto attacks. If you want to learn more about this particular skill you can search up Youtube videos with the search term “How to kite as an ADC/marksman”
One thing to note is that bottom lane is a dangerous place to be in despite it being the most warded lane in the game. Nowadays junglers have many indirect ways to gank and with the support's utility and marksman's damage, they can easily tip the scales by showing up and giving you a hard time. Thus you must be cautious in picking your battles. If your enemy bot laners are losing and they suddenly decide to fight you head-on, SCURRY OUT OF THERE! Chances are the enemy mid laner or jungler is coming to help.
So I hope this article proved helpful to you in honing your marksman skills. I know it will not help you get to diamond tier marksman level but there isn't an article on this planet that can help you with that. Being a good marksman requires skill and dedication to the role. This article mainly serves to nudge you in the right direction. So have fun and I'll see on Summoner's Rift soon!  

The writer is the admin of League of Legends Bangladesh Community.

Published: 12:00 am Thursday, May 15, 2014

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