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John Dyer Baizley is a talented man. Known primarily for his work as the vocalist, songwriter and guitarist for Baroness, he has also made a name for himself in the heavy metal underground as an accomplished artist of album covers. His style is easily-recognisable, and he has stated a preference to work with small bands as opposed to the bigger names in the industry.  He has done work for bands such as Kylesa, Black Tusk and even Flight of the Conchords and Metallica.
Baizley makes heavy usage of warm colours and clear black outlines. The colouring is crisp, the lights seem to glow. His work features esoteric themes and elements meticulously, almost hypnotically, detailed. The female form plays a huge role in his compositions, as do various animals and fishes; candles and flowers are also frequent elements. The paintings are abstract in their subject matter, and you can never tell exactly what it is that has been depicted. But it is without exception something sinister. The peculiar juxtaposition of the gentle art style with the darkness of his themes makes Baizley's work so sought after in the metal scene.
To look at Baizley's work is to look into the imagination of the man, and it is a beautiful but uncomfortable place full of dark and twisted corners. It is thus appropriate that his website is called 'A Perfect Monster'.


Published: 12:00 am Sunday, February 09, 2014

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