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Hasan Shahriar
Photo: Abir Rahman
Photo: Abir Rahman

On June 24, Perception presented to us, at Canadian International School, a concert to help raise money for charitable services, mainly providing underprivileged children with a fun day out.
The deal was that all the bands will perform for 30-35 minutes and follow it up with a 15-20 minutes open jam sessions. Anyone could join in with their instruments.
The show started off right on time with The Crowd. Members of Arbovirus came in between and did “Haath Barao” among other numbers. The Crowd then returned with their Led Zeppelin covers, doing “Stairway to Heaven” and “No Quarter”.
For the jamming session, Asir Arif of Blunderware joined them. When he asked the audience what they should sing about, some guy jokingly replied “farts”. So he sang about farts, with The Crowd playing the backing track of a Jimmy Hendrix Experience song.

The Crowd were followed by Minerva. They had two of their members missing, due to exams and so were joined by Rafid Tahmeed on guitars. They played “Ashirbaad,” “Shongbidhan” and a few more. They had to leave early, which was a shame because it was the first time they played unplugged.
Circus Police came up next. Circus Police did their funky “Onushoron” quite early. They really got their audience grooving. Later on, they covered “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk, and followed it up with “Billie Jean”. The audience were so enthralled around this time that some of them formed a conga line and ran round the venue (I may have joined). Next, they sang “Feel Good” where Rushnaf Wadud of Blunderware joined in the middle to sing a few lines.  
For the jamming session, this dude named Sharar Ghaleeb joined from the audience and rapped “Guerrilla Radio” by RATM, while another person from the audience came up to beatbox. Later on, Circus Police finished off with their recently released single “Mohini Romoni”.
Afterwards, Blunderware blessed us with their presence, though sadly their bassist could not make it. They divulged that all their songs were a reactionary reply to another of their songs, and sang “Mosharir Ei Din Ratri” as a reaction to a previous song they sang.
When a girl in the back asked if they could cover “Careless Whisper”, Rushnaf Wadud replied, “Shhh. It's a school.” Then “Afim Chash” happened. I bet almost everyone in the venue was singing along with them. They covered Jason Mraz's “Only Human”. The viewers were taught several lines of “Gouro” by them before they did that, assuring everyone sang with them. And everyone did.
Indalo started after Blunderware. Indalo was in a grunge mood, they covered Alice in Chain's “No Excuse”, Soundgarden's “Halfway There”. They even did a Vintage Trouble cover. Of their own songs, they sang “Canvass”. When Indalo invited people to join them for a jam, loads of people went up. At one point it looked like we were going to have a jamming session with Indalo that had no Indalo in it. But luckily, Zubair Hasan got hold of the mike and did a Black Keys cover. Indalo finished the concert off with “ISD”.
It was fun. The sounds were great. Rakat Zami, the manager of The Crowd, among other things, was good with the sound.
The number of people were minimal, but that's understandable as it was a school night.
The organisers asked me to say that they would be thankful for any donations as it will all be for a noble cause. They represented PDF (Physically-challenged Development Foundation).
Perception and Canadian International School were the sponsors, with Hamdard, Cover Maestro, Zero Gravity, and Ekattor Television, among others, assisting. Radio Shadhin was the radio partner and SHOUT was the print media partner.

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