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Nusrat Jahin Angela

The plot of this anime revolves around Hayate, a poor boy who drops out of school to manage his parents' debt. Hayate works day and night to fight off the debt and one day, he meets up with a billionaire heiress, Nagi. He was about to kidnap her as he was desperate for money but ended up saving her from a group of miscreants, and that's where our story begins.
Nagi's maid, Maria, gives him a scarf as a thank-you token. A few minutes later Hayate is about to be killed by his parents' debtor when Mistress Nagi appears out of nowhere and gives them the money.
To pay off Mistress Nagi, Hayate begins to work as her butler. Being a rich heiress, she is constantly at risk of getting kidnapped. So Hayate vows to put his own life at risk if necessary to save his employer from danger.
In truth, the mistress had fallen in love with Hayate the first time she saw him. When he had tried to kidnap her, she had thought that he was about to propose to her. She lives a fantasy. But due to her cold and arrogant character, she is not able to express herself. As for Hayate, it is very difficult to understand his feelings in the first season. Being a genuine gentleman, he is sweet to her and though he expresses his gratitude towards Nagi, he never really talks about his feelings. The story becomes tangled, as gradually many of Nagi's rich friends come into the scene. Their characters are all engrossing and Nagi gets more insecure about Hayate. And let's not forget Maria who despite being nice keeps on confusing viewers about the fate of Hayate's love life.
This anime is sure to give you a good laugh if nothing else. With a light storyline, it mixes cutesy dialogue with humour. But if you are looking for serious action and philosophy, this is not your cup of tea.
At one point or another, you will find yourself marveling at Hayate's innocence, Nagi's artificial stubbornness and their chemistry. I used to get tired of their childish bickering and idiocy at times but I came to realise that it is part of the beauty of this anime. We have forgotten what it’s like to laugh and silly things like this anime shall take you back to that time.

Nusrat Jahin Angela is a 10th grade student of Scholastica, Dhaka.

Published: 12:00 am Thursday, February 20, 2014

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